Faculty of Tropical Medicine Scholarship  Announcement
The scholarship for Academic Year 2017 covers 3 categories as following.


-Students in PhD program will be supported 40,000 baht
-Students in MSc program will be supported 20,000 baht

Condition: After student has passed proposal examination, his/her major advisor sends the       request to Assistant Dean for Education for approval.


-Three scholarships for PhD program: 120,000 baht per year for 3 years supported by the Faculty 60,000 baht and another 60,000  baht from department/advisor.
-Three scholarships for MSc program:  60,000 baht per year for 2 years supported by the Faculty 30,000 baht and another 30,000 baht from department/advisor.

Condition: The recipients must be nominated by the departments.

  1. The scholarship to support students’ research
  2. Research Assistantship
  3. The scholarship to support the presentation (oral/poster) at the approved academic conferences/meetings


The support is not exceed than


15,000 -30,000 baht


30,000-35,000  baht


45,000 baht


50,000 baht