22 June 2017
Art Club: Thai Pandan Custard
  21 June 2017
Lunch Talk: “Communicate your research more effectively: learn how to access free editing through the ORS”
  20 June 2017
Lunch Talk: “Lactoferrin as a determinant of outcome in melioidosis”
  20 June 2017
Journey to Happiness # 3
  8-9 June 2017
Professor Moe Moe San and delegations from University of Medicine-1, Yangon paid a visit to the Bangkok School of Tropical Medicine (BSTM), Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University and Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) 8- 9 June, 2017
  7 June 2017
Lunch talk: “Animal-derived resistant pathogens are responsible for human infection: guilty as charged?”
  30 May 2017
Special Training on “How to write Fundamental Nursing Procedure Manual”
  30 May 2017
Verbally Presentation of Educational Criteria for Performance Excellence (EdPEx) Evaluation for fiscal year 2017
  29 May 2017
Educational Criteria for Performance Excellence (EdPEx) 2017
  25 May 2017
Congratulations to the Faculty of Public Health.
Job Announcement - MVRU is searching for a Ph.D. level (Lecturer/Researcher)
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