22 March 2017
Art Club: Making Ribbon Flowers
  17 March 2017
The Parasitology and Tropical Medicine Association of Thailand (PTAT) organized the 2017 Annual Meeting
  15 March 2017
Special talk: “Newton Fund: Funding opportunities”
  15 March 2017
Focus Group Discussion program at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases
  13 March 2017
Special talk: “Project Accelerates Growth of New Businesses in the Target Industry”
  10 March 2017
Lunch talk: “RNPomics of dengue virus: Exploration of global protein-RNA interfaces involved in virus replication for drug design”
  7 March 2017
Lunch talk “Uncovering circulating factors linking prediabetes to type 2 diabetes”
  24 February 2017
Opening Ceremony of QIAGEN-TropMed Center for Molecular Techniques
  22 February 2017
Art Club: Making Thai Cremation Flowers with Rubber
  12-19 February 2017
The 6th Annual Course on School Health and Nutrition Programme in Asia
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