31 July 2017
Elective Program in Tropical Medicine for a medical doctors and medical students from Japan, Myanmar, and Austria
  7 July 2017
Professor Srivicha Krudsood paid a visit to Hospitals in FTM Collaboration Network
  7 July 2017
Delegations from Vietnam paid a visit to Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Hospital of Tropical Diseases and School of Assistant Nurse
  6 July 2017
2nd Technology Seminar on the MinION Sequencing
  3 July 2017
Welcoming New Graduated Nurses to Bangkok Hospital for Tropical Diseases
  30 June 2017
Handcraft funeral wood flowers “Daffodil for our Beloved King, the Father of Nation”.
  28 June 2017
Special Lecture on Contract Management Methodology for Academic Staffs
  28 June 2017
Basic Fire Fighting and Evacuation Fire Drill #3
  22 June 2017
Art Club: Thai Pandan Custard
  21 June 2017
Basic Fire Fighting and Evacuation Fire Drill #2
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