Our department carries out training course on special subjects every year with the cooperation of some international organizations.
Regional training course have been given each year since 1976 on Integration of Control of Soil-Transmitted Helminthiases and Family Planning Practices, with support from Asian Parasite Control Organization (APCO). Japan. The course is arranged for 2 weeks each year in November/December on each year.
Workshop in Practical and Clinical Parasitology. The workshop is under the cooperation of Department of Helminthology, Protozoology, Clinical Tropical Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology Unit, Faculty of Tropical Medicine. The workshop is intend for hospital scientific staff whose job is dealing with the diagnosis of parasitic infection, to physician and medical researchers engaging in traveller medicine practices in the field of clinical parasitology.
The department also engaged in training course for Indochina countries on Diagnostic Parasitology organized by SEAMEO-TROPMED.
Other trainings are available upon request.
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