• Developing a data base information on helminths, its identification, transmission, diagnosis and drugs which will be readily accessible through internet in the near future. 2) Providing consultancy and general information on helminthic diseases to the public upon request and through leaflets

  • Providing helminthological collection as reference, museum; and demonstration sets of specimens for mobile exhibition purposes (loan basis)

  • Giving service on worms identification, serodiagnosis tests and fecal examination for helminthic infections, sending from other institutions. Examinations of intermediate and paratenic hosts, food samples, vegetable, soil ,water and other are also provided.

  • Examination for parasitic helminths from various specimen , feces ,soil, sewages, sludge and others ( For more information please contact us )

  • Immunodiagnosis for helminthic infections
    - Gnathostomiasis
    - Angiostrongyliasis
    - Trichinellosis
    - Bancroftian filariasis
    - Paragonimiasis
    - Neurocysticercosis
    - Echinococcosis
  • Quality Control Samples
  • Stool examination for parasitic infection
    - Direct smear
    - Kato - Katz's
  • Teaching materials
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