The mission of our department is teaching, training, research and services in the field of tropical diseases caused by medically important helminthes. The important role is teaching post graduate courses to medical doctors and health personnel from the SEAMEO member countries, as well as others from over the world. The Department carries out research activities in the basic and applied sciences in 4 main areas, include taxonomy and diversity of helminthes, biology and epidemiology, immunodiagnosis, and molecular biology.

Role of academic services, we established the immunodiagnosis unit for helminthic infections in 1987 in order to service on serological testing for some helminthic infections. Up to date, more than diagnosed 13,000 serum samples from all over the world have been tested in this unit. Moreover, we are proud to be one of the recommendation sites among many famous institutes for serodiagnosis of helminthic infections, particularly Cysticercosis, Gnathostoma and Angiostrongylus infections.

At present, the International Reference Centre for Food and Water Borne Parasitic Zoonoses is formulating for promotion of international networking on information and services exchange of parasitic zoonoses, identification and diagnosis.