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  7 July 2017
Delegations from Vietnam paid a visit to Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Hospital of Tropical Diseases and School of Assistant Nurse

  6 July 2017
2nd Technology Seminar on the MinION Sequencing

  3 July 2017
Welcoming New Graduated Nurses to Bangkok Hospital for Tropical Diseases

  30 June 2017
Handcraft funeral wood flowers “Daffodil for our Beloved King, the Father of Nation”.

  28 June 2017
Basic Fire Fighting and Evacuation Fire Drill #3

  22 June 2017
Art Club: Thai Pandan Custard

  21 June 2017
Lunch Talk: “Communicate your research more effectively: learn how to access free editing through the ORS”

  21 June 2017
Tropical Medicine Alumni Association (TMAA) Annual general Meeting 2017

  19-21 June 2017
International Conference on: “A one Health Approach to Helminth Control in South East Asia” Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University with Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom

  20 June 2017
Lunch Talk: “Lactoferrin as a determinant of outcome in melioidosis”

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