Dr Nestor S Arce Jr, Philippines (2013)
‘Intense but rewarding… Rigorous but fulfilling…’



Dr Yoshiro Hadano, Japan (2014)
‘May be intensive, but you will gain a precious experience from the forefront of tropical medicine!’



Dr Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono, Indonesia (2014)
‘Very nice! Many things to learn! Lecturers guide us step by step! What I have learnt here is very useful for my work as a lecturer!’


Dr Poe Poe, Myanmar (2015)
‘Gain many profound ideas and knowledge… Empowering the critical thinking…’




Dr Sutopa Talukdar, Bangladesh (2015)
‘Great course to discover tropical medicine clinically and learn to conduct research to aid evidence based medicine’





Last update: May 16, 2017