Student information

Students of M.C.T.M.

All MCTM students are encouraged to graduate within a year. This is a very intensive programme which requires full-time attention to ensure the success of the study. All students are adviced to study the programme structure carefully. The information is displayed in detail at M.C.T.M. website.

Further information on the student life at Department of Clinical Tropical Medicine, each course activities, who is who, and many more, is displayed in Student Handbook.

The programme is complied to Mahidol University Sustainable Energy Saving Policy to be TM Green therefore our resources of information including learning materials, will be in electronic files wherever possible. The use of information technology is setup for various purposes of the programme. Students should be prepared and prompted to get familiar with the technology. Students who are not getting used to the IT will be guided so they know the essential how-to procedures and enjoy themselves throughout the study period.

Information in this Student Information Menus will not be freely accessible. In some Menus, especially Google Classroom, Google Calendar for detail academic activities, Handouts Materials are accessible for only lecturers and current MCTM students. You need username and password to log into the system. Please contact or if you have any inquiries.


Last update: May 16, 2017