Programme Structure

There are two plans in M.C.T.M. Programme. Both plans have same required studies and earn same amounts of credits, but the research in Plan A(2) will be in thesis format and it is a two-year course. Research in Plan B will be in thematic paper format, student can graduate within one year.

Programme Expected Learning Outcome (ELO)

The programme will propose the major revision this December 2016 for use with students in Academic year 2017 with the following 13 expected learning outcomes. The contents of ELO have not changed much from the current 2012 curriculum. The ELO are covered main 5 domains of learning according to the requirement of the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education

Domain Expected Learning Outcome (ELO)
1. Morality and Ethics 1.1 Reflect the ethical consideration on patient care and clinical research
1.2 Apply code of conduct in medical professionalism
2. Knowledge 2.1 Describe all important tropical diseases covering all detailed aspects
2.2 Describe the research methodologies and good clinical practice
3. Intellectual Skills 3.1 Approach and manage patients with common tropical diseases
3.2 Conduct an international standard clinical research in tropical diseases
3.3 Interpret the result of clinical research
3.4 Appraise and critique research articles according to the standard guidelines
3.5 Develop professionalism
4. Interpersonal Skills and Responsibility 4.1 Develop leadership, responsibility, and constructive relationship in career practice and clinical research
4.2 integrate lifelong learning in tropical diseases and research in international level
5. Numerical Analysis Skills, Communication and Information Technology 5.1 Use proper statistic and software programme to analyse data arising from clinical research
5.2 Perform a standard scientific presentation using proper presentation tools and presentation skill

For more detail, please see Programme Specifications.


Last update: May 16, 2017