Animal Research Protection

Research using animals is essential in helping us understand the basic biology and progression of diseases. Major medical advances often depend, at least partly, on animal research.

The Research Integrity and Compliance Committee (FTM-RIC) provides oversight animal research activities at FTM via the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (FTM-IACUC). The IACUC is responsible for ensuring research conforms to the highest animal care standards. IACUC oversee the entire animal care program at FTM, ensuring the health and well-being of all animals being used for research, testing, and education.

All activities involving the use and care of animals in research must comply with the applicable national regulations and Mahidol University policies, as well as other regulatory requirements and guidelines. Strict standards regarding the housing, husbandry and research procedures must be adhered to by all members of the research team. The Office of Research Integrity and Compliance provides oversight for these activities via the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).


  • All research proposals involving vertebrate animals must be approved by the IACUC in advance.
  • All significant changes to approved protocols must be approved before being implemented.
  • The IACUC must be notified of, and approve, the location of all animals being used for research, testing and training.
  • All animals must be cared for according to the standards set forth in Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Use of Animals