Research Integrity and Compliance

The Research Integrity and Compliance Committee (FTM-RIC) oversees and directs research integrity activities of FTM. A main focus of Research Integrity and Compliance is to foster the responsible conduct of research to ensure that research performed within the FTM system is done safely, ethically and legally


All research at FTM meets the highest standards of good research practice and FTM has the public’s trust.


FTM is committed to high quality academic research and high standards of research integrity. All staff and students are expected to conduct their research in line with current FTM policies and accepted best practice.

FTM sets out in its academic research policies in the document: Code of Practice and Guidelines.

The Code of Practice and Guidelines document provides frameworks, procedures, information and resources for all areas in the responsible conduct of research.


FTM-RIC is established to perform the functions, as the followings;

  1. To provide clear policies on how FTM research should be performed
  2. To facilitate high standards of good research practice through regular training, compliance checks and promoting a culture of integrity in research.
  3. To comply with all applicable regulations, laws, and Mahidol University polices.