Education and Training

The Research Integrity and Compliance Committee (FTM-RIC) foster integrity in research through training, education and consultation.
The training policy is required for all researchers. It is the requirement that all investigators should complete the relevant training prior to conducting the research on human research protection and Good clinical practices (GCP) if involving human subject research; or training on animal care and use organized by National Animal care and use committee National Research Council of Thailand which is the requirement under the Animals for Scientific Purposes Act, B.E. 2558 (Thai version, for more information please visit if involving animal research. For laboratory work with microorganisms or biohazardous materials of risk group 2 (RG2) and above (Pathogen and Toxin Act B.E. 2558; Thai version, for more information please visit, the investigators are required to complete training on biosafety.

Human Ethics Training Available

  • FTM training courses
    • Human Subject Protection for IRB members
    • Human Subject Protection for nurse and researcher
  • FERCIT training courses (for more information, please visit

Animal Care and Use Training Available

For more information, please visit

Biosafety Training Available

  • Mahidol University (MU) training courses on biosafety (for more information please visit
    • Principles of biosafety
    • Practical biosafety
    • Training for the trainer
  • FTM training course on biosafety
  • BIOTEC training courses on biosafety for Modern Biotechnology
    • Principles of biosafety
    • Practical biosafety
    • Intensive Course

Online Training Program

  • Human subjects online training course either through CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) or NIH (National Institutes of Health) training certificate (for more information please visit
  • Online training course on biosafety through BIOTEC, Thailand (Thai version) (For more information, please visit
  • Other equivalent courses