Volume 22


Table of Contents  
Preface i
Foreword ii
Keynote address: On emerging problems in food-borne parasitic zoonoses: Impact on agriculture and public helth  
C Khamboonruang 1
The current status of food-borne parasitic zoonoses in Indonesia  
C Kusharyono, S Sukartinah 8
Current public health status of some food-borne parasitic zoonoses in Malaysia  
KI Singh 11
Food-borne parasitic zoonoses in the Philippines  
SL Eduardo 16
Current status of food-borne parasitic zoonoses in Thailand  
T Ramasoota 23
Current status offood-bome parasitic zoonoses in Singapore  
M Singh, YE Hian, LH Chong 27
Food-borne parasitic zoonoses in the People's Republic of China  
XP Li 31
Current status offood-bome parasitic zoonoses in India  
BB Bhatia 36
Current status offood-bome parasitic zoonoses in Hong Kong  
RC Ko 42
Current status of food-borne parasitic zoonoses in Japan  
M Kamiya, HK Ooi 48
Current status offood-bome parasitic zoonoses in Korea  
CT Soh 54
Current status offood-bome parasitic zoonoses in Laos  
M Giboda ,O Ditrich, T Scholz, T Viengsay, S Bouaphanh 56
Current status of food-borne parasitic zoonoses in Taiwan  
ER Chen 62
Current status offood-bome parasitic zoonoses in the United States  
PM Schantz, J McAuley 65
Current status offood-bome parasitic zoonoses in Eastern Europe  
K Cuperlovic 72
Current status of food-borne parasitic zoonoses in West Germany  
E Hinz 78
Current status offood-bome parasitic zoonoses in Mediter-ranean and African regions  
E Pozio 85
Toxoplasmosis - An overview  
JP Dubey 88
Study on the prevalence of toxoplasmosis in Indonesia: A review  
S Gandahusada 93
Visual impairment and blindness in ocular toxoplasmosis cases  
RS Kadarisman, M Marsetio, LB Simangunsong 99
Review of toxoplasmosis in Malaysia  
N Yahaya 102
Pattern of antibodies in toxoplasmosis of pregnant women and their children in Thailand  
T Chintana 107
Epidemiology of swine toxoplasmosis in Taiwan  
CN Chang, SS Tsai, M Kuo, JP Dubey 111
Studies on the use of cobalt-60 irradiation to control infectivity of Toxoplasma gondii cysts  
CC Song, XZ Yuan, LY Shen, XX Gan, JZ Ding, YF Duan 115
Toxoplasmosis in Singapore  
M Singh, J Wee, YE Hian, TYC Ee, CY Cheong, HL Chuen 120
Long term maintenance of ToxopJasma gondii (RH strain) in ,Vero cell line and use of harvested antigens for immunodiagnosis  
K Suresh, JW Mak, HS Yong 124
Review of sarcocystosis in Malaysia  
SP Kan, R Pathmanathan 129
Epidemiology and dignosis of sarcocystosis  
M Perovic 135
Sarcocystis and sarcocystosis in India  
PD Juyal 138
Sarcocystis in caribou (Rangifer tarandus terraenorae) in Newfoundland  
RA Khan, D Fong 142
Isolation of parasites on fruits and vegetables  
JW Bier 144
Epidemiology of marine fish-borne parasitic zoonoses  
TL DeardorfT 146
Diphyllobothrium, Anisakis, and other fish-borne parasitic zoonoses  
TA Dick, BR Dixon, A Choudhury 150
Capillariasis philippinensis: A fish-borne parasitic zoonosis  
JH Cross, V Basaca-Sevilla 153
Intestinal fluke infections in Southeast Asia  
J Waikagul 158
IntestinaItrematodes infecting humans in Korea  
JY Chai, SH Lee 163
Differential diagnosis of Opisthorchiid and Heterophyid metacercariae (Trematoda) infecting flesh of cyprinid fish from Nan Ngum dam lake in Laos  
T Scholz, O Ditrich, M Giboda 171
Serological differentiation of human small fluke infections using Opisthorchis viverrini and Haplorchis taichui antigens  
O Ditrich, P Kopaeek, M Giboda, J Gutvirtb, T Scholz 174
Immunodiagnosis of opisthorchiasis  
S Sirisinha, R Chawengkirttikul, R Sermswan 179
Clonorchiasis in Taiwan  
ER Chen 184
Diagnosis of clonorchiasis by ELISA-inhibition test using a Clonorchis sinensis spicific monoclonal anitbody  
TS Yong, KI Im, PR Chung 186
Snail borne parasitic zoonoses: Angiostrongyliasis  
M Bhaibulaya 189
Clinical studies on angiostrongyliasis cantonensis among children in Taiwan  
KP Hwang, ER,Chen 194
Transmission of Angiostrongylus cantonensis through the giant African snail Achalina fulica: An experimental study  
P Sithithawom, WY Brockelman, C Brockelman 200
Echinostomiasis - - a snail-borne intestinal trematode zoonosis  
WP Camey 206
Eating habits associated with Echinostoma malayanum infections in the Philippines  
A Tangtrongchitr, RB Monzon 212
Historical review and current status of gnathostomiasis in Asia  
Y Nawa 217
Gnathostomiasis in Thailand: A survey on intermediate hosts of Gnathostoma spp. with special reference to a new type oflarvae found in Fluta alba  
P Setasuban, S Nuamtanong, V Rojanakittikoon, S Yaemput, P Dekumyoy, H Akahane, S Kojima 220
Gnathostoma larva migrans among guests ofa new year party  
S Migasena, P Pitisunithum, V Desakom 225
Specificity of antibodies in cerebrospinal fluid of human cerebral gnathostomiasis cases  
N Morakote, N Nateewatana, W Navacharoen, S Jitpimolmard, V Cbotmongkol, W Maleewong 228
Taeniasis-cysticercosis: An introduction  
A Flisser 233
The situation of cysticercosis/taeniasis in animals/man in Bali  
IGP Suweta 236
Taeniasis in Indonesia with special reference to Samosir Island, North Sumatra  
AA Depary, ML Kosman 239
Five cases of neurocysticercosis diagnosed in Sydney  
J Walker, S Chen, D Packham, P McIntyre 242
Asian Taenia saginata: Species or strain?  
PC Fan 245
The differentiation of a newly described Asian taeniid from Taenia saginata using enzymatically amplified nontranscribed ribosomal DNA repeat sequences  
DS .Zarlenga 251
Some recent advances in the molecular characterization of Echinococcus and Taenia solium  
DP McMariuss, J Bowles, G Leggatt, E Garcia-Zepeda 256
Laboratory rodent models for the tapeworm-stage of Taenia saginata and other related taeniid species  
M Kamiya, H Sato, M Kitaoka, K Ishiwata, Y Oku, M Ito, P Gathura 262
A recombinant immunodiagnostic antigen for bovine cysticercosis  
ML Rhoads, DS Zarlenga, FM AI-Yaman 268
Treatment of human taeniasis in the Philippines: A review  
AC Cruz 271
The treatment ofneurocysticercosis with praziquantel  
S Vanijanonta, D Bunnag, M Riganti 275
Clinical evaluation of albendazole and praziquantel in the treatment of cerebral cysticercosis  
M Cruz, I Cruz, J Horton 279
Control of Taenia solium taeniasis and cysticercosis by focus-oriented chemotherapy of taeniasis  
ZS Pawlowski 284
Cestode vaccines  
MD Rickard 287
General introduction and epidemiology oftrichinellosis  
E Pozio, G La Rosa 291
Present status oftrichinellosis in Japan  
T Yamaguchi 295
Epidemiological survey oftrichinellosis in Yugoslavia  
A Marinculic, D Rapic, J Brglez, N Dzakula, D Stojiljkovic 302
Epidemiology of swine trichinellosis in Yugoslavia  
K Cuperlovic 308
The present status oftrichinellosis in Thailand  
C Khamboonruang 312
The significance of changing trends in trichinellosis  
CW Kim 316
Immunodiagnosis of swine trichinellosis  
KD Murrell, DS Zarlenga 321
Detection of Trichinella by various methods in Yugoslavia  
M Dordevic 326
Trichinellosis and trichinellosis control in Germany  
E Hinz 329
Testing for food-borne parasites, their metabolic products and symbionts  
GJ Jackson 334
Epidemiological assessment of Parasitic Zoonoses in Malaysia  
KC Shekhar 337
Paragonimiasis in Mae Hong Son Province northern Thailand: Case report  
D Ekarohit, C Chesdapan, P Thitasut, K Sukonthasan, W Choochote 340
Recent trends of paragonimiasis westermani in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan  
Y Nawa 342
Studies on clinical manifestations, diagnosis and control of paragonimiasis in China  
ZB Xu 345
The situation of liver fluke infestation in cattle in Bali  
IGP Suweta 349
Problem of fascioliasis in animal husbandry in Thailand  
S Srihakim, M Pholpark 352
Fasciola hepatica infection in China  
MG Chen 356
Liver fluke disease (fascioliasis) : Epidemiology, economic impact and public health significance  
AA Saleha 361
Abdominal hydatidosis in Pondicherry, India  
M Vamsy, SC Parija, RN Sibal 365
Recent trends in the serodiagnosis of hydatid disease  
Se Parija 371
Economic losses resulting from food-borne parasitic zoonoses  
KD Murrell 377
Principles and costs in the regulation of microbially contaminated foods  
GJ Jackson 382
Preliminary estimates of economic impact of liver fluke infection in Thailand and the feasibility of irradiation as a control mellsure  
P Loaharanu, S Sornmani 384
Snail-borne paeasitic zoonoses in Korea  
PR Chung, CT Soh 391