Volume 22
Number 4
December 1991


Table of Contents  
Editorial: Can education contain AIDS?  
Review: Malaria and its control in the People's Republic of China  
LH Tang, HL Qian, SH Xu 467
Review: The filariasis situation in Guandong Province, China  
ZY Ou, JM Luo, XC Luo 477
Special Report: Four years follow-up of the impact of AIDS and intensive health education on the control of sexually transmitted diseases in Thailand  
T Ramasoota 489
Relapse/reinfection patterns of Plasmodium vivax infection: A four year study  
RN Prasad, KJ Virk, VP Sharma 499
Malaria surveillance among the displaced Karen population in Thailand April 1984 to February 1989, Mae Sot, Thailand  
B Decludt, B Pecoul, P Biberson, R Lang, S Imivithaya 504
Study of the malaria situation in forested foothill and nearby plain areas of Myanmar  
Myint Lewin, Ye Htut 509
Mefloquine chemoprophylaxis of soldiers on the Thai-Cambodian border  
V Suriyamongkol, S Timsaad, GD Shanks 515
Pharmacokinetics of prophylactic mefloquine  
J Karbwang, P Molunto, K Na Bangchang, V Banmairuroi, D Bunnag, T Harinasuta 519
Pharmacokinetics of mefloquine in treatment failure  
J Karbwang, K Na Bangchang, A Thanavibul, D Bunnag, T Harinasuta 523
Pharmacokinetics of primaquine in healthy volunteers  
V Singhasivanon, A Sabcharoen, P Attanath, T Chongsuphajaisiddhi, B Diquet, P Turk 527
Double blind randomized clinical trial of two different regimens of oral artesunate in fa1ciparum malaria  
D Bunnag, C Viravan, S Looareesuwan, J Karbwang, T Harinasuta 534
Double blind randomized clinical trial of oral artesunate at once or twice daily dose in fa1ciparum malaria  
D Bunnag, C Viravan, S Looareesuwan, J Karbwang, T Harinasuta 539
A simple technique for large scale in vitro culture of Plasmodium falciparum  
P Chavalitshewinkoon, P Wilarirat 544
The impact of a community based health education program on the incidence of diarrheal disease in southern Thailand  
W Lee, J Stoeckel, P Jintaganont, T Romanarak, S Kullavanijaya 548
Effect oflow birth weight on severe childhood diarrhea  
A Ittiravongs, K Songchitratna, S Ratthapalo, J Pattara-arechachai 557
Dot enzyme immunosorbent assay for the serodiagnosis of typhoid fever  
A Ismail, ZSA Kader, KH Ong 563
A seroepidemiological study of hepatitis B amongst Fiji health care workers  
R Taylor, T Sladden, S Levy, I Gust, P Macaskill, L Rushworth, G Gazibarich 567
Intradermal hepatitis B virus immunization: immunogenicity and reactogenicity  
S Sirinavin, T Muchacheap, K Khupulsup, W Inthraphuwasak, B Petchclai 577
Seroprevalence of antibodies to the hepatitis C virus in Singapore  
I Yap, R Guan, lY Kang, HH Tay, E Lee, L Choong, KT Woo 581
An investigation of hypertension in a slum ofNakhon Ratchasima  
P Suriyawongpaisal, P Underwood, IL Rouse, R Mungkarasiri 586
Menstrual blood loss and iron nutrition in Filipino women  
RL Cheong, MD Kuizon, R T Tajaon 595
Replacement patterns of Ascaris lumbricoides populations in Filipino children  
RB Monzon 605
A survey of epidemiology of Gnathostoma hispidum and experimental studies of its larvae in animals  
QQ Chen, XM Lin 611
Studies on the control of hookworm and other soil transmitted helminthiases in farmers in Zhejiang Province, China  
ZH Xia, SY Yao, YL Su, L Y Yao, L Y Wen, CC Song 618
Comparative studies on the morphology of the eggs of Opisthorchis viverrini and lecithodendriid trematodes  
S Kaewkes, DB Elkins, P Sithithaworn, MR Haswell-Elkins 623
Eggshell morphology of the small eggs of human trematodes in Thailand  
S Tesana, T Srisawangwonk, S Kaewkes, P Sithithaworn, P KanIa, C Arunyanart 631
Survey of peri domestic mosquito species in laffna Peninsula in Sri Lanka  
GF Rajendram, NR Antony 637
Capture-recapture studies with Anopheles maculatus Theobald (Diptera : Culicidae) the vector of malaria in Peninsular Malaysia  
GL Chiang, KP Loong, ST Chan, KL Eng, HH Yap 643
Factors affecting laboratory acclimatization of field collected Lymnaea (Bullastra) cumingiana Pfeiffer (Pulmonata: Lymnaeidae)  
RB Monzon, V Kitikoon 648
Evaluation of the enzyme immunosorbent assay IDEIAm test detecting Chlamydia trachoma tis in cervix  
P Nunthapisud, S Nuruthisand 655
Detection of IgM antibodies from cerebrospinal fluid and sera of dengue fever patients  
Wl Chen, KP Hwang, AH Fang 659
Low osmolar (non-ionic) contrast media versus high osmolar (ionic) contrast media in intravenous urography and enhanced computerized tomography: a cost-effectiveness analysis  
S Wangsuphachart 664
Case report: Myeloid leukemoid reaction in malaria infection  
Soe Soe, Tin Shwe, Than Swe 677
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