Volume 23
Number 3
September 1992


Table of Contents  
Editorial: Health and environmental dilemmas: The Rio Summit  
Editorial: Ninety years at IMR  
Special Report: Overview of research at the Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur, on its ninetieth anniversary  
M Jegathesan 361
Review: Filariasis surveillance at the post-control stage in China  
OJ Sun, PL Chen 369
Clinical trials of mefloquine with tetracycline  
D Bunnag, J Karbwang, C Viravan, S Chitamas, T Harinasuta 377
Malariometric survey in Keoudom District, Laos: sensitivity of PlasmodiumJalciparum to antimalarials and automedication with chloroquine  
M Giboda, K Pholsena, B Hongvanthong, J Gutvirth, I Rubik 383
Decrease of malaria morbidity with community participation in central Java  
W Pribadi, B Rukmono, SS Santoso, N Soeripto, OM Lokollo, Soeharyo 389
Behavior of people with respect to malaria in endemic areas with different levels of malaria transmission  
A Ittiravivongs, S Kongrd, P Wuthisen, S Puang-sa-art, N Thanyavanich, J Pattara-arechachai 397
Molecular cloning of Plasmodium Jalciparum blood stage antigens and application of the recombinant proteins in serodiagnosis  
K Liu, A Saul 402
Practical uses of acridine orange fluorescence microscopy of centrifuged blood (QBC malaria test™) and the QBC II hematology system ™ in patients attending malaria clinics in Thailand  
C Wongsrichanalai, N Chuanak, HK Webster, M Prasittisuk 406
Control study of oral rehydration solution (ORSYORS + dioctahedral smectite in hospitalized Thai infants with acute secretory diarrhea  
B Vivatvakin, S Jongpipatvanich, S Harikul, P Eksaengri, 0 Lortholary 414
Assessment of the effectiveness of oral rehydration therapy against severe diarrheal dehydration  
SP Pulungsih, A Ittiravivongs, Sutoto, J Pattara-arechachai 420
Rice-powder salt solution in the treatment of acute diarrhea in young children  
A Sabcharoen, T Chongsuphajaisiddhi, P Kittikoon, P Chantavanich 427
Intestinal capillariasis: a cause of chronic diarrhea and hypoalbuminemia  
K Chunlertrith, P Mairiang, W Sukeepaisarnjaroen 433
Preliminary note: Intestinal parasites in a Saudi center for mentally retarded children  
MS Omar, HE Soufi, OM AI-Amari 437
An intervention model for breast feeding in Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital  
V Pichaipat, P Thanomsingh, S Pudhapongsiriporn, P Buranasin, M Phanidanunt, R Monkalasiri 439
Detection of filarial antigen using antibodies raised against Wuchereria bancroJti microfilarial SDS soluble antigen  
K Cheirmaraj, MVR Reddy, BC Harinath 444
Cannibalism and carnivory in Toxorhychites splendens (Diptera: Culicidae)  
DD Amalraj, PK Das 450
Cannibalistic behavior in Armigeres subalbatus (Diptera : Culicidae)  
AR Rajavel 453
Determination of insecticide susceptibility in Culex quinque-fasciatus Say adults by rapid enzyme imeroassays  
L Lee, 0 Abimbola, KInder Singh 458
Biting activity of mosquitos (Diptera : Culicidae) at a malarious site in Palawan, Republic of the Philippines  
GW Schultz 464
Larval habitat of Armigeres subalbatus (COQ) and its characteristics in Pondicherry  
AR Rajavel 470
Evaluation ofEMD vaporizers and bioallethrin vaporizing mats against mosquito vectors  
DD Amalraj, M Kalyanasundaram, PK Das 474
Anopheline mosquitos of northwest coastal Malaysia  
Z Jaal, WW MacDonald 479
Identification of blood meals of Phlebo to mine sandflies using the agarose gel diffusion method  
R Srinivasan, KN Panicker 486
Research note: Specific and cross-reactive monoclonal antibodies to the 89 kDa antigen of Opis-thorchis viverrini  
S Sirisinha, R Chawengkirttikul, C Tayapiwatana, C Naiyanetr, J Waikagul, P Radomyos, GI Podoprigora 489
Research note: Seroepidemiological study of toxoplasmosis in Laos  
G Catar, M Giboda, J Gutvirth, B Hongvanthong 491
Seroprevalence of Toxocara canis antibodies among Orang Asli (Aborigines) in Peninsular Malaysia  
S Lokman Hakim, JW Mak, PLW Lam, S Nazma, Y Normaznah 493
Risk factors for severe measles  
TK Samsi, T Ruspandji, I Susanto, K Gunawan 497
Hantaanvirus among urban rats from a slum area in Bangkok  
S Tantivanich, P Israngkul Na Ayuthaya, W Usawattanakul, P Imphand 504
Intracranial complications of chronic suppurative otitis media  
V Chotmongkol, S Sangsaard 510
Clinical evaluation of Fleroxacin in the treatment of bone and joint infections  
YC Liu, DL Cheng, CY Liu, ST de Garis, HH Lin, TL Hsieh, MY Yen, RS Wang, YS Chen 514
Characteristics of Pasteurella multocida isolated from humans, swine and poultry in Thailand  
K Unchitti, S Wongsawang, K Saitanu, S Thoongsuwan 520
Abnormal erythrocyte Na, K -ATPase activity in a northeastern Thai population  
P Tosukhowong, C Chotikasatit, K Tungsanga, P Sriboonlue, V Prasongwattana, P Pansin, V Sitprija 526
Research note: Dengue fever and dengue shock syndrome in French Polynesia  
P Glaziou, E Chungue, P Gestas, 0 Soulignac, JP Couter, R Plichart, JF Roux, L Poli 531
Research note: In vitro sensitivity of Plasmodium Jalciparum isolates in Thailand to quinine and chloroquine, 1984-1990  
C Wongsrichanalai, N Chuanak, HK Webster, M Prasittisuk, HK Webster, T Wimonwattrawatee, P Sookto, N Chuanak, K Timasarn, WH Wernsdorfer 533
Research note: The large bandicoot rat, Bandicota indica, a new host for Schistosoma spindale, Montgomery, 1906, in Peninsular Malaysia  
KInder Singh, M Krishnasamy, S Ambu 537
Case report: Unusual manifestations of eosinophilic meningitis  
V Chotomonkol, S Tiamkao 539
Case study: Herpes zoster myelitis treated with acyclovir  
V Chotomongkol, R Phankingthengkun 541
Case report: Ciguatera poisoning in Hong Kong: a report of two cases  
KP Leung, TYK Chan, FKH Sze 543
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