Volume 24
Number 3
September 1993


Table of Contents  
Editorial: Investment, health and development  
Review: Status of tuberculosis control in Thailand  
N Sriyabhaya, V Payanandana, T Bamrungtrakul, S Konjanart 410
Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli and other causes of infectious pediatric diarrheas in Jakarta, Indonesia  
D Subekti, M Leshmana, S Komalarini, P Tjaniadi, D Burr, G pazzaglia 420
The 1990 -1991 outbreak of melioidosis in the Northern Territory of Australia: epidemiology and environmental studies  
A Merianos, M Patel, JM Lane, CN Noonan, D Sharrock, PA Mock, B Currie 425
The 1990 -1991 outbreak of melioidosis in the Northern Territory of Australia: Clinical aspects  
B Currie, D Howard, VT Nguyen, K Withnall, A Merianos. 436
Epidemiological study of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from clinical specimens  
S Srifuengfung, W Thanagrumetha 444
Bacteriophage typing of Vibrio fluvials  
0 Suthienkul 449
Detection of Epstein-Barr virus DNA and HHV -6 DNA in tissue biopsies from patients with by polymerase chain reaction  
U Kositanont, K Kondo, C Chongkolwatana, C Metheetrairut, P Puthavathana, N Chantarakul, C Wasi, K Yamanishi 455
The abbreviated 2 -1 -1 schedule of purified chick embryo cell rabies vaccination for rabies post-exposure treatment  
C Wasi, P Chaiprasithikul, P Auewarakul, P Puthavathana, P Thongcharoen, M Trishnananda 461
Fulminant hepatitis in dengue infection  
LCS Lum, SK Lam, R George, S Devi 467
Screening of pig sera for antibodies to Japanese encephalitis virus using a dot enzyme immunoassay and IgM capture ELISA: comparison with the hemagglutination inhibition and plaque reduction neutralization tests  
MJ Cardosa, FL Hah, BH CHoo, S Padmanathan 472
Comparative study between molecular hybridization and electron microscopy for the detection of hepatitis E Virus  
Soe Soe, PK Nakane, Phone Kywe Myat, F Iida, Khin Pyone Kyi, Than Swe 477
Axenic cultivation of Entamoeba histolytica from liver abscess and its zymodeme  
N Thammapalerd, S Tharavanij, Y Wattanakoon 480
Monoclonal antibodies against Schistosoma mekongi surface tegumental antigens  
V Viyanant, 0 Gajanadana, ES Upatham, P Sobhon, M Kruatrachue, S Ahmed, P Ardseungnoen 484
Host tissue reaction to Gnathostoma malaysiae (Nematoda: Gnathostomidae) in Rattus surifer Miller  
M Krishnasamy, JR Palmieri, P Oothuman, J Jeffery 489
Immunohistochemical localization of Gnathostoma spinigerum larval antigens by monoclonal antibodies: I. light microscopy  
W Rojekittikhun, S Saito, T Yamashita, T Wantanabe, F Sendo 494
Hookworm infection and iron stores: a survey in a rural community in Bali, Indonesia  
IM Bakta, DP Wijana, P Sutisna 501
Mefloquine level monitoring in patients with multi-drug resistant Plasmodium Jalciparum on the Thai-Myanmar border  
J Karbwang, K Na Bangchang, K Thimasarn, W Rooney, D Bunnag, T Harinasuta 505
Studies on dispersal of malaria vectors in hilly tract of Koraput District, Orissa State, India  
C Sadanandanae, K Gunasekaran, P Jambulingam, PK Das 508
Lambdacyhalothrin treated bed nets as an alternative method of malaria control in tribal villages of Koraput District, Orissa State, India  
PK Das, LK Das, SK Parida, KP Patra, P Jambulingam 513
The ecology of anopheline mosquitos in Northwest coastal Malaysia : Larval habitats and adult seasonal abundance  
Z Jaal, WW Macdonald 522
The ecology of anopheline mosquitos in Northwest coastal Malaysia : host preferences and biting-cycles  
Z Jaal, WW Macdonald 530
Laboratory observations on the biology of the Phlebotomid sandfly, Phlebotomus papatasi (Scopoli, 1786)  
R Srinivasan, KN Panicker 536
Susceptibility difference in two populations of Culex quinqueJasciatus Say (Diptera : Culicidae) to three synthetic pyrethroids  
VA Vijayan, N Ningegowda 540
Residual activity of cyhalotrin 20%EC on cattle as determined by mosquito bioassays  
1 Vythilingam, Ridhawati, RA Sani, KInder Singh 544
Comparative radular morphology of Lymnaea (Bullastra) cumingiana (Pulmonata: Lymnaeidae) and related taxa in the Indo-Pacific region  
RB Monzon, V Kitikoon, N Thammapalerd, P Temcharoen, S Sornmani, V Viyanant 549
Comparative shell morphology of Lymnaea (Bullastra) cumingiana (Pulmonata: Lymnaeidae) and related taxa in the Indo-Pacific region  
RB Monzon, V Kititkoon, N Thammapalerd, P Temcharoen, S Sornmani, V Viyanant 554
Ecological observations on Lymnaea (Bullastra) cumingiana  
RB Monzon, V Kititkoon, N Thammapalerd, P Temcharoen, S Sornmani, V Viyanant 563
Research note: Laboratory evaluation of Propoxur and Fenvalerate against infected and non-infected Leptotrombidiumfletcheri (Acari: Trombiculidae)  
TM Ho, MK Fauziah 570
Parasitic infection and sociodemographic characteristics of urban construction site workers  
P Pongpaew, R Tungtrongchitr, P Radomyos, N Vudhivai, B Polratana, T Himman-ngan, V Supawan, S Tawprasert, P Migasena, FP Schelp 573
The clinical effects of recombinant human erythropietin for the treatment of anemia in end stage renal disease patients on dialysis  
Y Uthayanaka, B Jirajan, U Krairithichai, N Jantavanich 577
A blood pressure profile of rural Kadazans and Bajaus in Sabah, East Malaysia  
CY Gan, KC Chan 583
Increasing obesity in school children in a transitional society and the effect of the weight control program  
L Mo-suwan, C Junjana, A Puetpaiboon 590
Congenital syphilitic nephrosis  
S Niemsiri 595
Case report: Melioidosis in a splenectomized boy withP -thalassemia major  
TS Hoe, CT Deng, R Khuzaiah 601
Case report: Ocular sparganosis in Thailand  
S Ausayakhun, V Siriprasert, N Morakote, K Taweesap 603
Case report: Cryptosporidium infection in an immature baby in Indonesia  
T Katsumata, DH Boeditjahjono, P Soeparto, S Kohno, IGN Gde Ranuh 607
Case report: Subcutaneous abscess of neck, a granulomatous reaction to eggs of Paragonimus: a case report from Northern Thailand  
K Thamprasert 609
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