Volume 26
Number 2
June 1995


Table of Contents  
Editorial: The model illusion  
Editorial 201
In vivo study of the response of Plasmodiumfalciparum to standard mefloquine/sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine (MSP) treatment among gem miners returnings from Cambodia  
K Thimasarn, J Sirichaisinthop, S Vijaykadga, S Tansophalaks, P Yamokgul, A Laomiphol, C Palananth, U Thamewat, S Thaithong, W Rooney 204
Behaviors in self-prevention of malaria among mobile populations in east Thailand  
P Butraporn, C Prasittisuk, S Krachaiklin, P Chareonjai 213
Humoral immune responses to the Plasmodium falciparum antigen Pfl55/RESA in adults of differential clinical conditions from an Indian zone where malaria is endemic  
S Biswas, DN Rao, A Roy, RPS Yadav, SK Ghosh, L Kabilan 219
Susceptibility of Plasmodiumfalciparum to chloroquine in tea garden tribes of Assam, India  
SC Gogoi, S Dev, B Choudhury, S Phookan 228
Establishment and characterization of cell lines from liver fluke - associated cholangiocarcinoma induced in a hamster model  
T Tengchaisri, N Prempracha, W Thamavit, S Boonpucknavig, S Sriurairatana, S Sirisinha 231
a1-Antitrypsin phenotype PiMZ, a risk factor for liver cirrhosis but not for liver cancers in Thailand  
P Smanadhikorn, P Pongpaew, P Srivatanakul, R Tungtrongchitr, W Supanaranond, FP Schelp, P Migasena 240
Prophylactic treatment for hemophilia a patients: a pilot study  
A Chuansumrit, P Isarangkura, P Hathirat 243
Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum, pleural and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid using DNA amplification of the MPB 64 protein coding gene and IS6110 insertion element  
JAMA Tan, BW Lea, TK Lim, NK Chin, CB Tan, JR Xia, HK Yap, G Kumarasinghe 247
PCR to detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA in sputum samples from treated leprosy patients with putative tuberculosis  
A Raft, F Feval 253
Comparsion of multiplex PCR and culture for detection of Legionellae in cooling tower water samples  
HR Chang, LH Loo, BG Kuah, BH Heng 258
Evaluation of WHO monoclonal antibody kit for diagnosis of acute respiratory viral infections  
NS Khairullah, SK Lam 263
Immunogenicity and safety of an inactivated hepatitis A vaccine among Singaporeans  
R Guan, HS Ng, KM Fock, Hy Ho, I Yap, JY Kang, WC Chow, CN Chew, C Ng, CJ Teo, R Smith 268
Japanese encephalitis virus is an important cause of encephalitis among children in Penang  
MJ Cardosa, TP Hooi, P Kaur 272
Socio-economic status and micro-environmental factors in relation to the risk of Japanese encephalitis: a case-control study  
DP Luo, HJ Ying, RG Yao JD Song, Z Wang 276
Protective and risk factors for acute respiratory infections in hospitalized urban Malaysian children : a case control study  
BHO Azizi, HI Zulkifli, MS Kasim 280
Childhood malnutrition: An analysis of the effects of nutritional advice  
N Visitsuntorn, R Wongarn 286
Smokeless tobacco use among rural Kadazan women in Sabah, Malaysia  
CY Gan 291
An evaluation of the future role of non-governmental organizations currently engaged in leprosy control in India  
M Vaz, AJW Jacob, A Rajendran 297
A preliminary study of filariasis related acute adenolyrnphangitis with special reference to precipitating factors and treatment modalities  
RK Shenoy, K Sandhya, TK Suma, V Kumaraswami 301
Experimental studies on early treatment of schistosoma! infection with artemether  
SH Xiao, JQ You, YQ Yang, CZ Wang 306
Possible formation of new brood capsule by the previously formed brood capsule in Echinococcus multilocularis netacestodes  
K Ohnishi, H Kutsumi 319
Ascaris and Trichuris do not contribute to growth retardation in primary school children  
KPF Lai, H Kaur, RG Mathias, CK Ow-Yang 322
USE of culture-filtrated antigen in an ELISA and a dot immunoassay for the diagnosis of melioidosis  
S Wongratanacheewin, S Amornpunt, RW Sermswan, U Tattawasart, S Wongwajana 329
Cryptosporidiosis in HIV infected patients in Thailand  
P Moolasart, B Eampokalap, M Ratanasrithong, P Kanthasing, S Tansupaswaskul, C Tanchanpong 335
Chlamydia pneumoniae infection in Thai children : serological diagnosis  
P Nunthapisud, N Prapphal, S Likitnukul, A Vejabhuti, PK Das 339
Widespread emergence of Vibrio cholerae O139 in India  
V Sachdeva, KK Khanna, M Singh, J Singh, S Kumari, T Verghese 342
Shigellosis in Thai children: experience from a rural hospital 1985-1993  
O Srison, V Pornpatkul 347
Development and preliminary evaluation of an IgM dot-immunobinding assay (IgM-DIA) for rapid serodiagnosis of Scrub typhus infection  
AS Koay, ST Tay, YM Cheong, RMd Yasin 350
The impact of permethrin impregnated bednets on the malaria vector Anopheles maculatus (Diptera :Culicidae) in Aboriginal villages of Pos Betau Pahang, Malaysia  
I Vythilingam, LC Foo, GL Chiang, ST Chan, KL Eng, S Mahadevan, JW Mark, KInder Singh 354
A report of Anopheles (Diptera : Culcidae) attracted to cow bait in a malaria endemic village in Peninsular Malaysia near the Thailand bonder  
WA Rahmam, A Hassan, CR Adanan, M Razha 359
An epidemic of tetrodotoxin poisoning following ingestion of the horseshoe crab Carcinoscorpiut rotundicauda  
J Kanchanapongkul, P Krittayapoositpot 364
Research note: Effect of minor engineering intervention in the control of breeding of Phlebotomus papatasi (scopoli) sandflied  
RC Dhiman 368
Research note : Lambdacyhalothrin impregnated bednets control malaria in Sabah, Malaysia  
JHii, N Alexander, CK Chuan, HA Rahman, A Safri, MKC Chan 371
Case report: Cyclospora infection in an HIV infected patient with ultrastructural study  
D Wanachiwanawin, P Lertlaituan, S Manatsathit, S Tunsupaswasdikul, P Suwanagood, K Thakerngpol 375
Case report : intestinal microsporidiosis : first reported case in Thailand  
P Pitisuttithun, B Phiboonnakit, D Chindanond, B Punpoonwong, S Leelasuphasri, S Vanijanond 378
Case report : Treatment of cryptococcal meningitis with triple combrination of amphotericin B, flucytosine and itraconazole  
V Chotmongkol, S Jitpimolmard 381
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