Volume 27
Number 1
March 1996


Table of Contents  
Editorial: Food, hunger and the market economy  
Overview : Malaria : cost to India and future trends  
VP Sharma 4
Quinine-tetracycline for multidrug resistant falciparum malaria  
D Bunnag, J Karbwang, K Na-Bangchang, A Thanavibul, S Chittamas, T Harinasuta 15
Artemether-pyrimethamine in the treatment of pyrimethamine-resistant falciparum malaria  
K Na-Bangchang, P Tipwangso, A Thanavibul, K Suprakob, T Kanda, J Karbwang 19
Special report : Changes in Neotricular B-aperta population density following construction ofthe Pak Mun dam in northeast Thailand, with implications for the transmission of schistosomiasis  
SW Attwood 24
Costs, benefits and operational implications of using quantitative techniques to screen for Schistosomiasis haematobium in Egypt  
M Talaat, DB Evans 29
Socioeconomic and behavioral factors affecting the prevalence of geohelminths in preschool children  
NR de Silva, VPP Jayapani, HJ de Silva 36
Intestinal sarcocystosis in Thai laborers  
P Wilairatana, P Radomyos, B Radomyos, R Phraevanich, W Plooksawasdi, P Chanthavanich, C Viravan, S Looareesuwan 43
Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 deficiency in primary school children infected with hookworm  
P Nontasut, S Changbumrung, C Muennoo, K Hongthong, N Vudhivai, S Sanguankiat, S Yaemput 47
Spargana infection of frogs in Malaysia  
AB Mastura, S Ambu, 0 Hasnah, R Rosli 51
Seroprevalence of Sarcoptes scabiei var canis antibodies among Aborigines in Peninsular Malaysia  
Y Normaznah, K Saniah, M Nazma, JW Mak, M Krishnasamy, SL Hakim 53
Ultrastructural characteristics of liver fluke associated human cholangiocarcinoma cell lines  
S Sriurairatana, T Tengchaisri, S Sirisinha 57
Pyruvate : ferredoxin oxidoreductase from Entamoeba histolytica recognized by a monoclonal antibody  
N Thammapalerd, D Kotimanusvanij, M Duchene, JA Upcroft, R Mitchell, A Healey, N Samarawickrema, S Tharavanij, G Wiedermann, P Upcroft 63
Comparative surface ultrastructure of adults and eggs of Gnathostoma found in Japan  
M Koga 71
Minireview: The newly discovered non A-E hepatitis viruses  
S Songsivilai, T Dharakul 75
A non-invasive assessment of hepatitis B virus carrier status using saliva samples  
AL Richards, JG Perrault, L T Caringal, CR Manaloto, A Sie, R Graham, RM Ramos, JB Leonardo, KC Hyams 80
Clinico-pathological predictive factors of response to interferon therapy in chronic hepatitis C  
P Thavarungkul, K Toriyama, M Kusada, H Kamito, MA Kamito, T Nakayama, Y Kato, H Itakura 85
Seroepidemiology of human herpesvirus 6 in a population seen in the University Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
KB Chua, NS Khairullah, PS Hooi 91
Frequency and risk of HIV infection among men attending a clinic for STD in Chiang Mai, Thailand  
T Siraprapasiri, HM Foy, JK Kreiss, N Pruithitsada, W Thongtub 96
Risk factors for neonatal Klebsiella septicemia in Srinagarind Hospital  
K Pengsaa, P Lumbiganon, S Taksaphan, S Pairojkul, T Sookpranee, P Kosuwon, C Panthongviriyakul, M Sookpranee, W Kosuwon, C Wilailuckana, J Noppawinyoowong, W Bhudisawasdi, J Sithikesorn, P Waetasak, C Namkun 102
Risk factors of acute lower respiratory tract infections in children under five years of age  
SC Dharmage, LC Rajapaksa, DN Fernando 107
Multifactorial pathogenesis of mechanisms Burkholderia pseudomallei as suggested from the comparison with Burkholderia cepacia  
S Wongwanich, P Chotanachan, E Kondo, K Kanai 111
Salmonella enteritidis outbreak in Thailand: study by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis  
L Katama, P Jayanetra 119
Hemolysins and plasmid profiles of Vibrio parahaemolyticus  
J Vadivelu, SD Puthucheary, A Mitin, CY Wan, B van Melle, JA Puthucheary 126
Characterization of Aeromonas hydrophila : a comparative study of strains isolated from diarrheal feces and the environment  
QM Haque, A Sugiyama, Y Iwade, Y Midorikawa, H Yoshimura, U Kawsar, T Shimada, T Yamauchi 132
ELISA-based colorimetric detection of Rickettsia tsutsugamushi DNA from patient's serum by nested polymerase chain reaction  
GJ Shieh, HL Chen, HY Chen, GR Wang, CB Horng 139
Brackish water mosquito problem of Vypeen Island, Cochin, Kerala  
T Mariappan, N Arunchalam, CMR Reddy, S Sabesan, KN Panicker 145
Effects of Brugia malayi infection on the survival of Anopheles sinensis  
LZ Jin, JJ Xu 149
Toxicity of insecticides to Toxorhynchites splendens and three vector mosquitos and their sublethal effect on biocontrol potential of the predator  
DD Amalraj, PK Das 154
Dengue vector mosquitos at a tourist attraction, Ko Samui, in 1995  
U Thavara, A Tawatsin, P Phan-Urai, W Ngamsuk, C Chansang, MT Liu, ZJ Li 160
The spectmm of Beta -thalassemia mutations in Malays in Singapore and Kelantan  
WA Abdullah, NB Jamaluddin, SKY Kham, JAMA Tan 164
Analysis of HLA-DRB I alleles using PCR-RFLP and PCR-MPH  
O Na Thalang, C Sukha, C Suwanasophon, R Maneemaroj, Y Okubo, N Tatsumi 169
Increased risk of urinary stone disease by phypical exercise  
P Sriboonlue, P Tosukhowong, K Tungsanga, S Bovornpadoongkitti 172
The lipoprotein profile ofyong adults with cerebral atherosclerosis  
WH Chen, YY Chang, MS Chou, JS Liu 178
The value of positive nitrites in screening asymptomatic bacteriuria amongst Malaysian school children  
D Zainal, Ababa 184
Minireview: Food-borne nitrates and nitrites as a cause of methemoglobinemia  
TYK Chan 189
Research note : Prevalence oflower genital tract infections among Vietnamese women attending a maternal and child health center in Hanoi, Vietnam  
PTK Anh, TP Mai, HTM Phuong, DT Cuong, NTM Huong, PV Quy, V Sangpetchsong, D Kitayaporn 193
Case report: Salmonella as a cause of bacteremia and subdural empyema in a patient with HIV infection  
Kanchanapongkul, K Aroonsakul 196
Case report : Infection of an adult in Mie Prefecture, Japan by Bertiella studeri  
K Ando, T Ito, K Miura, H Matsuoka, Y Chinzei 200
Case report: Acute viral hepatitis A patient with early negative HAV-IgM antibody  
P Wilairatana 202
Case report: Fatal miliary tuberculosis with hypercalcemia  
TYK Chan, CHS Chan 204
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