Volume 27
Number 2
June 1996


Table of Contents  
Editorial: HIV and AIDS: Can we develop a common framework for analysis and action?  
JL Lamboray 207
Assessing the economic impact of a rapid on-site malaria diagnostic test  
S Kaewsonthi, AG Harding, C Kidson, K Indaratna 210
Pharmacokinetics of proguanil in malaria patients treated with proguanil plus atovaquone  
MD Edstein, S Looareesuwan, C Viravan, DE Kyle 216
Primary sequence of the envelope glycoprotein of a dengue type 2 virus isolated from patient with dengue hemorrhagic fever and encephalopathy  
A Sistayanarain, N Maneekam, B polprasert, V Sirisanthana, Y Makino, T Fukunaga, N Sittisombut 221
Rapid detection and identification of dengue viruses by polymerase chain reaction (PCR)  
P Y enchitsomanus, P Sricharoen, I Jaruthasana, S Pattanakitsakul, S Nitayaphan, J Mongkolsapaya, P Malasit 228
Improved amplification system for detection of hepatitis C virus genome that simultaneously differentiates virus genotypes  
S Songsivilai, D Kanistanon, W Panyavinin, M Neelamek, T Dharakul 237
Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis outbreak in Thailand, 1992  
P Kosrirukvongs, R Kanyok, S Siritantikom, C Wasi 244
Evaluation of canine rabies vaccination campaign and characterization of owned-dog populations in the Philippines  
LE Robinson, ME Miranda, NL Miranda, JE Childs 250
Pulmonary tuberculosis in a BCG vaccinated area : relationship of disease severity with immunological and hematological parameters and drug resistance patterns  
R Hussain, R Hasan, M Khurshid, A W Sturm, JJ Ellner, G Dawood 257
Indirect hemagglutination antibodies against Burkholderia pseudomallei in normal blood donors and suspected cases of melioidosis in Malaysia  
A Norazah, MY Rohani, PT Chang, AG Mohamed Kamel 263
Further observations on comparison of immunization coverage by lot quality assurance sampling and 30 cluster sampling  
J Singh, DC Jain, RS Sharma, T Varghese 267
Immunity to diphtheria in women of childbearing age in Delhi in 1994 : Evidence of continued Corynebacterium diphtheriae circulation  
J Singh, RL Ichpujani, S Prabha, R Chandra, S Khare, RC Panda, KK Datta 274
Seroprevalence and risk factors of human cysticercosis in a community of Shandong, China  
WC Cao, CPB Vander Ploeg, CL Gao, JF Xu, XC Cao, ZH Cui, ZX Ren, JDF Habbema 279
Seroepidemiological study of Toxocara infection in Nepal  
SK Rai, S Uga, K Ono, M Nakanishi, HG Shrestha, T Matsumura 286
The evaluation of the 29 and 31 kDa antigens in female Angiostrongylus cantonensis for serodiagnosis of human angiostrongyliasis  
S Nuamtanong 291
Application oflocal products R-phycQerythrin and monoclonal antibodies as a fluorescent antibody probe to detect Entamoeba histolytica trophozoites  
N Thammapalerd, T Supasiri, S Awakairt, S Chandrkrachang 297
Opisthorchis viverrini: Effect ofpraziquantel on the adult integument  
W Apinhasmit, P Sobhon 304
Opisthorchis viverrini : The effect of colchicine and cytochalasin B on the adult tegument  
P Sobhon, W Apinhasmit 312
Research Note : In vitro drug susceptibility of Acanthamoeba castellani to chloroquine, ivermectin and fungizone  
A Noor Rain, T Radzan, S Sajiri, JW Mak 319
Utilization of reproductive health services in a mountainous area in Vietnam  
NV Toan, HT Hoa, NT Thach, B Hojer, LA Persson 325
Impacts of training of village health volunteers in reduction of morbidity from acute respiratory infections in childhood in Southern Thailand  
V Chongsuvivatwong, L Mo-Suwan, K Tayakkanonta, K Vitsupakorn, R Mcneil 333
Prevalence of obesity and overweight in northeast Peninsular Malaysia and their relationship with cardiovascular risk factors  
WB Wan Mohamad, N Mokhtar, M Mafauzy, BE Mustaffa, M Musalmah 339
Iron status of Filipino infants and preschoolers using plasma ferritin and transferrin receptor levels  
MD Kuizon, JR Madriaga, JA Desnacido, RL Cheong, LA Perlas 343
Risk factors between analgesic use and chronic nephropathy in Thailand  
S Kantachuvesiri, S Kaojarern, D Kitayaporn, S Phanichphant, V Sumethkul, W Wananukul, C Pongskul, W Arkaravichien, S Jankriengkri, T Chanchairujira 350
Malnutrition and growth abnormalities in children with beta thalassemia major  
P Tienboon, T Sanguansermsri, GJ Fuchs 356
Frequency of a- thalassemia -1 of the Southeast Asian-type among pregnant women in northern Thailand determined by PCR technique  
B Kitsirisakol, HF Steger, T Sanguansermsri 362
Amplification of Bel I region of the factor VIII gene by PCR  
R Ishak, LC Khim 364
Minireview: Application of deltamethrin-impregnated bednets for mosquito and malaria control in Yunnan, China  
ZX Zhang 367
Malaria in Honiara, Solomon Islands: Vector studies  
D Bell, A Cameron, M Fernando, K Pholsyna, D Foley, B Bakote'e, JH Bryan 372
Feeding patterns of Anopheles dirus, the major vector of forest malaria in northeast india  
P Dutta, DR Bhattacharyya, SA Khan, CK Sharma, J Mahanta 378
Role of some environmental factors in modulating seasonal abundance of potential Japanese encephalitis vectors in Assam, India  
SA Khan, K Narain, R Handique, P Dutta, J Mahanta, K Satyanarayana, VK Srivastava 382
Life-cycle, longevity and fecundity of Blomia tropicalis (Ascari: Glycyphagidae) in a tropical laboratory  
A Mariana, TM Ho, SK Heah 392
Survival of beta and gamma races of Neotricula aperta, snail intermediate hosts of Schistosoma mekongi in raw waters  
C Lohachit, P Sri-Aroon 396
Allozyme variation among six populations of the freshwater-snail Oncomelania hupensis in Zhejiang, China  
BZ Qian, TK Kristensen, HO Bogh 400
Case Report : Acute viral hepatitis A : A cause of jaundice in typhoid fever  
P Wilairatana 406
Case Report : A severe case of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in Singapore  
KP Chan, YC Chan, S Doraisingham 408
Case Report : Non-O : 1 Vibrio cholerae septicemia in thalassemia patients  
V Laosombat, P Pruekprasert, M Wongchanchailert 411
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