Volume 28
Number 2
June 1997


Table of Contents  
Editorial :Communicable and non-communicable diseases : what are the priority questions?  
C Kidson 241
Operational trial of parasighTM-F (dipstick) in the diagnosis of falciparum malaria at the primary health care level  
T Banchongaksorn, S Prajakwong, W Rooney, P Vickers 243
A Simplified in vivo drug sensitivity test for malaria in the field  
My Lwin, Soe Aung, Myat Phone Kyaw, Htin Aung, Nyan Sint, Ye Win, Hla Oo, Hla Thein, Soe Myat Tun 247
The use of personal protective measures in control of malaria in a defined community  
Myint Lwin, Htein Lin, Nay Linn, Myat Phone Kyaw, Myint Ohn, Nay Soe Maung, Kyaw Soc, Tin OO 254
Severe and complicated malaria in Bikaner (Rajasthan), western park of India  
D Kochar, B Kumawat, S Karan, SK Kochar, RPAganval 259
Istotypic antibody responses of a population in an endemic area of schistosomiasis japonica and their epi- demiological significance  
ZS Zhang, HW Wu, SZ Chen, LS Hu, ZW Xie, YXQiu, C Su, JP Cao, YQ Wu, SJ Zhang, GL Wu 268
Impact mass chemotherapy with praziquantel on schistosomiasis control in Fanhu village, People's Republic of China  
DN Lin, SJ Zhang, H Murakami, ZD Wu, T Totsuya, XN Gu, GH Hu, TH Chen, ZL Gao, F Hu 274
Special features of acute infection due to Schistosoma japonicum in urban and rural areas in China  
J Shen, QY Li, DB Lu, SQ Zhang 280
Analysis of social factors and human behavior attributed to family distribution of Schistosomiasis japonica cases  
J Zheng, QS Zheng, XF Wang, LZ Guan, ZH Hua 285
Influence of livestock husbandry on schistosomiasis transmission in mountainous regions of Yunnan Province  
J Zheng, QS Zheng, XF Wang, LZ Guan, ZH Hua 291
The population dynamics of cercariae of Schistosoma japonicum in Oncomelania hupensis  
Qian, J Qian, DM Xu, MV Johansen 296
Studies on animal schistosomes in Peninsular Malaysia :record of naturally infected animals and additional hosts of Schistosoma spindale  
K lnder Singh, M Krishnasamy, S Ambu, R Rasul, NL Chong 303
Studies on the transmission potential of surviving microtilaremias akr basic control of filariasis  
L Xu, ZL Cui, YL Zhang, J Chang, QF Zhao, Q Huang 308
Intestinal helminthiasis in relation to height and weight of early primary school children in northeastern Peninsular Malaysia  
S Mahendra Raj, KT Sein, A Khairul Anuar, BE Mustaffa 314
Effect of albendazole and mebendazole on soil-transmitted helminth eggs  
W Maipanich, S Pubampen, S Sa-nguankiat, P Nontasut, J Waikagul 321
Minimum effective doses of mebendazole in treatment of soil-transmitted helminths  
PNontasut. J Waikagul, C Muennoo, S Sanguankait, S Nuamtanong. W Maipanich 326
The relation between serum fatty acids and soil-transmitted helminthiasis in the Philippines  
R Yamamoto, N Nagai, WU-D Leon, N Koizum 329
Combinations of three immunological assays for detecting anti-toxoplasma IgG in the sera of patients infected with Toxoplasma gondii  
YSLiu, WPDu, JQ Xue, M Chen, QY Ma, SH Zhang,IF Wang, J Liu, ZX Wu 335
Sero-epidemiological studies on Toxoplmma gondii infection in manand animals in Bangladesh  
MA Samad, BC Dey, NS Chowdhury, S Akhtar, AKMM Rahman Khan 339
Studies on efficacy of praziquantel and mbendezole-medicated salt in treatment of Echinochasmus fujianensis infection  
Cheng, OF Xu, ZH Fen& ZF Guo, JX Lin, W Fany 344
Electron microscopic diagnosis of intestinal mimsporidiosie in Thailand  
D Wanschiwanawin, S Manatsathit, K Thakerngpol, P Lertlaituan 347
Treatment seeking behavior of DHF patients in Thailand  
K Okanurak, S Sornmani, R Mas-ngamrnueng, P Sitapuhq S Krachangsang, J Liomboon 351
Chikungunya in Thailand :a reanerging disease?  
L Thaibuca, 0 CWk, S Reanphumkamkit, P Dissomboon, R Phonjan, S Ratehbud, Y Kowang, D Buranapiyawong 359
Is there evidence for intrauterine HBV infaction in newborn of bepcnitis B canier mothm?  
Y Poovorawan, V Chongsrisawat, A Theamboonlm, L Vimolkcj, M Yeno 365
Cardiovascular manifestations and left ventricular fimctions of human immunodeficiency virus infection in infants and children in Thailand  
C Pathmanand, K hmj, C Thisyakom, V Sueblinvong 370
Ventricular functions in children with human immunodeficiency vim infection. after ACE-inhi- bitors  
K Anmj, C Pathmanand, V Sueblinvong, C Thisyakorn, P Chotivitay~orn 375
Comparison of sequences of Ems1 gene junction of dengue type 3 virus following culture subpassage in C6/36 cells to study the possible occ~ce of mutations  
R Thayan, K Morita, B Vijayamalar, S Zainah, TIC Chew, K 09M Sinaiah, A Igarashi 380
KAT G mutations in isoniazid resistant Mycobocterium tuberculosb isolates fionThai petients  
S Pace-uccaralatkun, C Chuchottawom 387
The underreporting of childhood diarrhea in Thailand  
M Pradbipasen, C Charoenkul, S Nitnara, J Tawadej, A Pamonprawat 391
Road MICinjuries in Karachi :the diapropontionate role of bum and trucks  
S Luby, I Hassan, N Jehangir, N Rizvi, M Faroogi, S Ubaid, S Sadruddin 395
Acute changes in senan contisol levels following Russell's viper bites in Myanmar  
Nu Swe, Myo Khin, Maung Maung Thwin, Saw Naing 399
Multicolinearity may lead to artificial interaction : an example froma cross-acctional study of biomarkm  
P Sithisarankul, VM Weaver, M Diener-West, PTStrickland 404
Pndiion of total cholesterol : highhity-lipoprotein-thole-1tatio in young adults  
W Chen, W Chang, HLYin, MS Choy JS Liu 410
Hemoglobin typing by high performance liquid chromatography  
T Tatu, P Gategaaaq, P Hathirat 417
Hemoglobin typing in cholangiocarcmoma  
S Insiripong, S Thaisamakr 424
The benefit of the direct antiglobulin test using gel technique in ABO hemolytic disease of the newborn  
A Chunnnumrit, P Siripoonya, O Nathalang, T Sriphaisal 428
Research note :Diagnosis of malaria by enzymatic detection of polymeracle chain reaction products  
Y Nod, T Frauta, K Saniah, A Noor Rain, S Kojirna, JW Mak 432
Research note : High prevalence of epsteiPbarr virus antibody among school children of the low to middle socimnomic class in Bangkok, Thailand  
Y Poovorawan, C Tantimongkolsuk, V Chongsrisawat, A Theamboonlm 434
Case report: A fetal case of Leptospira autumnalis infection in LBO PDR  
K Sd, S Nakarnura, H Watanabc 436
Case report: Mycetiamus in Hanadan, West Iran  
E Omidynia, R Rashidpourai, MT Qaderi, E Amen 438
Errata 440
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