Volume 29
Number 1
March 1998


Table of Contents  
Editorial : SEAMEO TROPMED : 30 years of history  
S Supavej 1
Entomological and epidemiological investigations of malaria transmission in relation to population movements in forest areas of north-west Thailand  
P Somboon, A Aramrattana, R Webber 3
Studies on malaria during pregnancy in tribal area of central India (Madhya Pradesh)  
N Singh, A Saxena, SK Chand, N Velecha, VP Sharma 10
Pharmacokinetic interactions of artemether andpyrimethamine in healthy male Thais  
P Tan-ariya, K Na-Banchang, R Ubalee, A Thanavibul, P Thipawankosol, J Karbwang 18
Research note : Indirect inhibition by antibiotics of nucleotide and deoxynucleotide biosynthesis in Plasmodium falciparum  
AT Yeo, KH Rieckmann, RI Christopherson 24
Research note :The occurence of dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) point mutation (Ser-108-Asn-108) in Malaysian isolates of Plasmodium falciparum  
PC Lim, SK Tan, ABS Khoo, A Noor Rain, S Nagappan, JW Mak 27
Opportunistic protozoa in stool samples from HIV-infected patients  
B Punpoowong, P Viriyavejakul, M Riganti, E Pongponaratn, U Chaisri, Y Maneerat 31
Diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum infection using Para sightR -F test in blood and urine of Papua New Guinean children  
B Genton, S Paget, HP Beek, N Gibson, MP Alpers, J Hii 35
Lack of significant association between rosette formation and parasitized erythrocyte adherence to purified CD36  
P Angkasekwinai, S Looareesuwan, SC Chaiyaroj 41
Serum cortisol level in patients with uncomplicated and cerebral malaria  
Tin Shwe, Myo Khin, Hla Min, KO KO Hla, Yin Yin Win, Kyin Htwe, Thein Myint Thu 46
Nutritional status of school children in an endemic area of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) after one year of iodine supplementation  
P Pongpaew, R Tungtrongchitr, B Phonrat, V Supawan, EP Schelp, C Intarakhao, U Mehaweerawat, S Saowakontha 50
Health status of Orang Asli (Aborigine) community in Pos Piah, Sungai Siput, Perak, Malaysia  
M Norhayati, MI Noor Hayati, N Noor Fariza, AK Rohani, AS Halimah, MY Sharom, AH Zainal Abidin 58
Preliminary report on the short stature of Southeast Asian forest dwellers, the Manni, in Southern Thailand : lack of an adolescent spurt in plasma IGF-I concentration  
T Ishida, J Suzuki, P Duangchan, W Settheetham -Ishida 62
Tobacco use in Mizoram, India : sociodemographic differences in pattern  
HK Chaturvedi, RK Phukan, K Zoramthanga, NC Hazarika, J Mahanta \ 66
K-ras oncogene and p53 gene mutations in cholangiocarcinoma from Thai patients  
S Petmitr, S Pinlaor, A Thousungnoen, A Koralak, P Migasena 71
Case report : Non-cirrhotic portal fibrosis associated with pulmonary arteriovenous communication and pulmonary arterial hypertension  
V Chongsrisawat, B Vivatvakin, P Suwangopl, L vajragupta, Y Poovorawan 76
Prevalence in north India of hepatitis B carrier state amongst pregnant women  
C Prakash, RS Sharma, R Bhatia, T Verghese, KK Datta 80
Primers for Salmonella serovar detection by polymerase chain reaction  
L Kantama, P Jayanetra, A Pilantanapak, A Charaensub 85
Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli in raw and cooked food  
A Norazah, I Rahizan, T Zainuldin, MY Rohani, AGM Kamel 91
Research note : Serological findings of Coxiella burnetii infection among patients with fevers in a health center in Sarawak, Malaysia  
ST Tay, TM Ho, MY Rohani 94
Bacterial pathogens (non- Mycobacterium) from sputum culture and antimicrobial susceptibility  
S Srifuengfung, M Sangsawang, P Komolpis, C Dhiraputra, B Chompanee 96
Cryptosporidium infection in HIV-seropositive and seronegative populaions in southern Thailand  
S Uga, N Kunaruk, SK Rai, M Watanabe 100
Case report : Massive pulmonary cryptococcosis in an immuno-competent patient  
U Silachamroon, S Shuangshoti 105
Comparison of the efficacy of tetracycline with norfloxacin in the treatment of acute severe watery diarrhea  
P Moolasart, B Eampokalap, S Supaswadikul 108
Intestinal geohelminthiasis and growth in pre-adolescent primary school children in north-eastern Peninsular Malaysia  
S Mahendra Raj 112
Morphological variation and abnormality of cephalic hooklets of Gnathostoma spinigerum hepatic- stage larvae from laboratory infected mice  
W Rojekittikhun, S Pubampen 118
Opisthorchiasis and intestinal fluke infections in Northern Thailand  
B Radomyos, T Wongsaroj, P Wilairatana, P Radomyos, R Praevanich, V Meesomboon, P Jongsuksuntikul 123
Research note : A new technic for counting Schistosoma japonicum eggs in pig feces  
AL Willingham, MV Johansen, EH Barnes 128
Case report : Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Nepal  
SC Parija, M Jacob, BMS Karki, M Sethi, P Karki, S Koirala 131
Case report :A first records from Thailand of human external ophthal- momyiasis due to Oestrus ovis  
D Nacapunchai, C Lamom, N Sukprasert 133
Transmission dynamics of filariasis in Khurdha district of Orissa, India  
AP Dash, N Mahapatra, RK Hazra, AS Acharya 137
Research note :Possible transmission of two types of Wuchereria bancrofti in Muang District, Chiang Mai, northern Thailand  
A Jitpakdi, W Choochote, P Panart, B Tookyang, K Panart, S Prajakwong 141
Gnathostome infection in swamp eels, Fluta alba, in central Thailand  
S Nuamtanong, J Waikagul, MT Anantaphruti 144
Seasonal variation in the intensity of Gnathostoma larvae in swamp eels (Fluta alba) sole in a local market in Bangkok  
W Rojekittikhun, S Pubampen, J Waikagul 148
A thirty day sourse of sodium stibogluconate for treatment of Kala-azar in Nepal  
P Karki, S Koirala, SC Parija, SG Handak, ML Das 154
Comparative susceptibility of two forms of Anopheles sinensis Wiedermann 1828 (Diptera :Culicidae) to infection with Plasmdoium falciparum, P vivax, P yoelii and the determination of misleading factor for sporozoite identification  
Y Rongsriyam, A Jitpakdi, W Choochote, P Somboon, B Tookyang, W Suwonkerd 159
Characteristics of malaria vector breeding habitats in Sri Lanka : relevance for environmental management  
W van der Hoek, FP Amerasinghe, F Konradsen, PH Amerasinghe 168
Distribution of potential dengue vectors in major townships along the national highways and trunk roads of northeast India  
P Dutta, SA Khan, CK Sharma, P Doloi, NC Hazarika, J Mahanta 173
Estimation of predation by the larvae of Toxorhynchites splendens on the aquatic stages of Aedes aegypti  
DD Amalraj, PK Das 177
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