Volume 30
Number 2
June 1999


Table of Contents  
Editorial: Two decades in the sun: the Wellcome-Mahidol-Oxford venture  
S Supavej 213
Twenty years of the Wellcome-Mahidol University, Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Program  
NJ White 216
Investigation of incidence of pretreatment, drug sensitivity in vitro, and plasma levels of pyrimethamine in patients with multidrug resistant falciparum malaria following the three combination regimens of artemetherlpyrimethamine  
P Tippawangksol, K Na-Bangchang, R Ubalee, K Congpuong, J Sirichaisinthop, J Karbwang 220
Ex vivo blood schizontocidal activities of artemisinin derivatives against Plasmodium falciparum  
R Ubalee, D Songthammawat, K Na-Bangchang, P Tan-ariya, J Karbwoong 225
Chloroquine concentrations profile in the community of Mewat region district, Gurgaon (Haryana), India  
VK Dua, NC Gupta, VP Sharma 232
Surveillance of risk factors from imported cases of falciparum malaria in Sichuan, China  
N Xiao, Q Lai, JC Yan, JP Yang, XT Lei 235
Control strategies of malaria in Henan Province, China  
ZH Li, LY Shang, L Zhang, DF Li, YP Su 240
Clinical case definition of malaria at a secondary level hospital in northern India  
K Anand, S Kant, G Kumar, SK Kapoor 243
An update on the prevalence of HIVIAIDS in Bangladesh  
MM Islam, E Karim, MAH Mian, S Kristensen, MR Chowdhury, SH Vermud 246
HIV transmission in sexual partners of persons with HIVIAIDS attending the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Yangon  
Thandar Lwin, Rai Mra, Kay Thi Aye, Kan 00, Soe Theing, Kyaw Moe 251
Case report: Cytomegalovirus and Cryptosporidium infections in AIDS : a necropsy study  
P Viriyavejakul, P Rojanasunan, A Viriyavejakul, V Khachansaksumet, B Punpoowong, M Riganti 257
Prevalence of human herpesvirus 6 and human herpesvirus 7 in normal Thai population  
D Thawaranantha, K Chimabutra, K Balachandra, P Warachit, S Pantuwatana, R Inagi, T Kurata, K Yamanishi 259
Prevalence of cytomegalovirus antibodies among various age groups of Thai population  
S Tantivanich, V Suphadtanaphongs, C Siripanth, V Desakorn, I Suphanit, S Phromin, S Panakitsuwan, P Amarapand 265
Clearance of hepatitis TT virus infection among thalassemia children and IVDU  
T Vimolket, A Theambonlers, P Jantaradsamee, P Seksam, P Hirsch, Y Poovorawan 269
Prevalence of hepatitis A antibodies in western Indian population: Changing pattern  
SD Chitambar, MS Chadha, MS Joshi, VA Arankalle 273
Research report: Three Japanese encephalitis cases in Okinawa, Japan, 1991  
M Saito, T Sunagawa, Y Makino, M Tadano, H Hasegawa, K Kanemura, Y Zamami, BJ Killenbeck, T Fukunaga 277
Recovery of poliovirus from cut surface of stored fresh papaya fruit  
ASC Lee, KL Yap 280
Screening for TORCH infections in pregnant women: a report from Delhi  
R Kaur, N Gupta, D Nair, M Kakkar, MD Mathur 284
An epidemiological survey of female reproductive health status: Gynecological complaints and sexually-transmitted diseases  
P Thongkrajai, P Pengsaa, V Lulitanond 287
Research note: Hepatitis B infection in Bangladeshi mothers and infants  
A de Fancisco, AJ Hall, N Alam, S Hawkes, T Azim 296
Dietary management during pregnancy, lactation and common child-hood illnesses in rural Bangladesh  
H Piechulek, JM Aldana, B Engelsmann, MN Hasan 299
Cross over placebo-control trial of dilazep in P-thalassemia1HE patients  
N Opartkiattikul, S Sukpanichnant,Y Funahara, A Sumiyoshi, W Wanachiwanawin, N Tatsumi, S Fucharoen 307
Comparative analysis of serological and molecular results for HLA-DR typing in 120 Thai sub- jects  
0 Nathalang, P Kupatawintu, R O'Charoen, S Sinsiri, S Saelee, N Tatsumi 311
Substance abuse treatment policy implications derived from routine statistical reports  
T Dasananjali 314
The seasonal variation in the microbial agents implicated in the etiology of diarrheal diseases among children in Lao PDR  
R Phetsouvanh, Y Midorikawa, S Nakamura 319
An outbreak of salmonellosis linked to a marine turtle  
KA O'Grady, V Krause 324
Distribution of the larvae of blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) at Doi Inthanon National Park, northern Thailand  
C Kuvangkadilok, C Boonkemtong, S Phayuhasena 328
Activation and germination of spores of Bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis by alkaline pH and larval (Aedes aegypti) gut fluid  
PR Bhatacharya 338
Schistosoma japonicum in the black rat, Rattus rattus mindanensis, from Leyte, Philippines, in relation to Oncomelania snail colonies with reference to other endoparasites  
JM Fedorko 343
A simple and rapid non-radioactive oligonucleotide based hybridization assay for the detection of Wuchereria bancrofti  
INS Gunawardene, WSS Wijesundera, EH Karunanayake, NV Chadrasekharan, N Jayasekena, K Siridewa 350
Histochemical alterations of infective third-stage hookworm larvae (L,) in vaccinated mice  
YQ Yang, SH Xiao, PJ Hotez, JD Wu 356
Prevalence of trematode metacercariae from cyprinoid fish of Ban Pao district, Chiang Mai Province, northern Thailand  
K Sukontason, S Piangjai, Y Muangyimpong, K Sukontason, R Methanitikorn, U Chaithong 365
Research note: Potassium permanganate staining for differentiation the surface morphology of Opisthorchis viverrini, Haplorchis taichui and Phaneropsolus bonnei eggs  
K Sukontason, S Piangjai, K Sukotason, U Chaitong 371
Histopathological diagnosis of subcutaneous Dirofilaria repens infection in humans  
N Ratnatunga, M de S Wijesundera 375
Research note: Movability of advanced third-stage larvae of Gnathostoma spinigerum exposed to albendazole sulphoxide in vitro  
K Sukontason, P Klaolaor, K Sukontason, N Morakote,Y Muangyimpong, U Chaithong 379
Case report: Clinostomum trematode from human eye  
S Tiewchaloern, S Undornkijdecha, S Suvouttho, K Chuncharnsri, J Waikagul 382
Research note: Insufficient evidence of TT-viral etiology of post hepatitis aplastic anemia  
Y Poovorawan, A Theamboonlers, P Seksarn 385
SM Ng, WA Abdullah, HP Lin, LL Chan 388
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