Volume 40
Number 3
May 2009


Table of Contents
Identification of Entamoeba histolytica and Entamoeba dispar by PCR assay of fecal specimens obtained from Thai/Myanmar border region  
A Intarapuk, T Kalambaheti, N Thammapalerd, P Mahannop, P Kaewsatien, A Bhumiratana, D Nityasuddhi 425
A survey of ectoparasitic arthropods on domestic animals in Tak Province, Thailand  
T Changbunjong, R Buddhirongawatr, S Suwanpakdee, J Siengsanan, P Yongyuttawichai, K Cheewajorn, J Jangjaras, C Sangloung, P Ratanakorn 435
Refractoriness of Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus) to dual infection with dengue and chikungunya virus  
A Rohani, R Potiwat, I Zamree, HL Lee 443
Evaluation of Permanet® 2.0 mosquito bednets againsts mosquitoes, including Anopheles minimus s.l., in India  
A Prakash, DR Bhattacharyya, PK Mohapatra, P Gogoi, DK Sarma, K Bhattacharjee, J Mahanta 449
Research note. Seasonal occurrence of Phlebotominae sand flies (Phlebotominae: Diptera) and it’s correlation with kala-azar in eastern Uttar Pradesh, India  
NS Singh, DP Singh 458
Age-dependent susceptibilities of Bulinus truncatus snails to an aqueous extract of Pulicaria crispa (Forssk.) Oliv. (Asteraceae) leaves  
EA Ali, HO Bushara, FS Ali, MF Hussein 463
Genotypic distribution of hepatitis C virus in voluntary blood donors of northern Thailand  
P Jutavijittum, Y Jiviriyawat, A Yousukh, C Pantip, N Maneekarn, K Toriyama 471
Structure and function of HIV-1 CRF01_AE envelope proteins from blood and genital fluid isolates  
N Horthongkham, N Athipanyasilp, S Siritantikorn, W Kantakamalakul, S Srisurapanon, R Sutthent 480
Safety and efficacy of CKBM-A01, a Chinese herbal medicine, among asymptomatic HIV Patients  
W Maek-a-nantawat, B Phonrat, J Dhitavat, S Naksrisook, R Muanaum, V Ngamdee, P Pitisuttithum 494
Case reports. Phimosis and scrotal lesions in leprosy: two case reports  
K Kampirapap, E Elsner 502
Diagnostic challenge of gastrointestinal tuberculosis: a report of 34 cases and an overview of the literature  
M Radzi, N Rihan, N Vijayalakshmi, SP Pani 505
Streptococcus suis infection: a prospective study in northern Thailand  
A Fongcom, S Pruksakorn, P Netsirisawan, R Pongprasert, P Onsibud 511
Clinical features of 60 consecutive ICU-treated patients envenomed by Bungarus multicinctus  
HT Hung, J Höjer, N Thi Du 518
Detection of phenylketonuria by the newborn screening program in Thailand  
S Pangkanon, W Charoensiriwatana, N Janejai, W Boonwanich, S Chaisomchit 525
Bowel movements of normal Thai infants  
B Benjasuwantep, N Ruangdaraganon 530
Assessment of iodine nutrition status among school age children of Nepal by urinary iodine assay  
B Gelal, M Aryal, BK Lal Das, B Bhatta, M Lamsal, N Baral 538
Serum leptin levels and body composition in obese Thai children  
U Yamborisut, N Riabroy, B Phonrat, R Tungtrongchitr 544
Bacterial meningitis incidence in Thai children estimated by a rapid assessment tool (RAT)  
C Muangchana, S Chunsuttiwat, S Rerks-Ngarm, P Kunasol 553
Factors associated with diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia in children of northern Thailand  
C Muangchana 563
Rapid flow cytometric test using eosin-5-maleimide for diagnosis of red blood cell membrane disorders  
K Tachavanich, VS Tanphaichitr, W Utto, V Viprakasit 570
False positive rates of Thallassemia screening in rural clinical setting: 10-year experience in Thailand  
Y Jopang, B Thinkhamrop, R Puangpruk, P Netnee 576
Cardiovascular risk factors in elderly normalipidemic acute myocardial infarct patients - a case controlled study from India  
A Kumar, S Nagtilak, R Sivakanesan, S Gunasekera 581
Psychosocial burden of women with abnormal pap smears  
B Phonrat, T Ruengkris, S Naksrisook, K Intalapaporn, P Jirakorbchaipong, P Pitisuttithum 593
Demographic determinants for cesarean delivery in Pattani Hospital  
O Rachatapantanakorn, P Tongkumchum 602
Prevalence of metabolic syndrome among middle aged women in Babol, Iran  
MA Delavar, MS Lye, GL Khor, P Hanachi, STB Syed Hassan 612
Thai Family Health Routines: scale development and psychometric testing  
J Kanjanawetang, J Yuniphand, W Chaiyawat, Y-W Bill Wu, SA Denham 629
Erratum 644