Volume 40
Number 4
July 2009


Table of Contents
Blood stage Plasmodium falciparum antigens induce immunoglobulin class switching in human enriched B cell culture  
P Potup, R Kumsiri, S Kano, T Kalambaheti, S Looareesuwan, M Troye-Blomberg, Y Maneerat 651
Prevalence of clinical malaria among an Orang Asli community in Malaysia  
G Kaur 665
Malaria trends and challenges in the Greater Mekong Subregion  
C Delacollette, C D’Souza, E Christophel, K Thimasarn, R Abdur, D Bell, TC Dai, D Gopinath, S Lu, R Mendoza, L Ortega, R Rastogi, C Tantinimikul, J Ehrenberg 674
Heterologous production of dense granule GRA7 antigen of Toxoplasma gondii in Escherichia coli  
G Sadeghiani, M Zare, J Babaie, M-A Shokrgozar, K Azadmanesh, P Fard-Esfahani, M Golkar 692
Review. Genes and cholangiocarcinoma  
K Sawanyawisuth 701
Vectorial role of Anopheles subpictus Grassi and Anopheles culicifacies Giles in Angul District, Orissa, India  
S Kumari, S Kumar Parida, N Marai, A Tripathy, R Kumar Hazra, S Kumar Kar, N Mahapatra 713
Mosquito fauna of “Toh Daeng” swamp forest, Thailand  
C Apiwathnasorn, Y Samung, S Prummongkol, C Panasoponkul, S Loymek 720
Cardiac involvement in dengue virus infections during the 2004/2005 dengue fever season in Sri Lanka  
D Wichmann, S Kularatne, S Ehrhardt, S Wijesinghe, NW Brattig, W Abel, GD Burchard 727
Etiology of enterically-transmitted hepatitis among foreingners in Nepal  
R McN Scott, P Pandey, DR Shlim, Khin-Saw-Aye-Myint 731
Febrile period and maximum body temperature in patients with measles over 15 years old  
K Ohnishi, I Nakamura, F Nakamura-Uchiyama, N Komiya 738
Impact of a measles elimination strategy on measles incidence in Malaysia  
TS Saraswathy, H Nor Zahrin, H Norhashmimi, A Az-Ulhusna, S Zainah, J Rohani 742
HIV-1 subtype B tat gene activities and disease progression in HIV-1 CRF01_AE infection  
C Niyasom, N Horthongkham, A Sreephiang, W Kantakamalakul, S Louisirirotchanakul, T Chuenchitra, R Sutthent 748
Cytomegalovirus glycoprotein B gene polymorphism and its association with clinical presentations in infants  
A Mewara, B Mishra, R Kanta Ratho, P Kumar 759
Comparative evaluation of two cold staining methods with the Ziehl-Neelsen method for the diagnosis of tuberculosis  
S Gupta, V Prasad, I Bairy, S Muralidharan 765
Osteoarticular tuberculosis: how often is it missed?  
HA Bukharie, AM Al-Rubaish, A Al-Zahrani, M Sadat-Ali 770
Case report. Empyema thoracis due to nocardiosis and Mycobacterium tuberculosis mixed infections in an AIDS patient  
K Inthraburan, A Wongsa 776
Research note. Lack of correlation of Burkholderia pseudomallei quantities in blood, urine, sputum and pus  
G Wongsuvan, D Limmathurotsakul, S Wannapasni, W Chierakul, N Teerawattanasook, V Wuthiekanun 781
Case report. Endemic typhus (murine typhus) in an 18 year old Libyan adult  
P Sable, M Maayuf 785
Scrub typhus in children in a teaching hospital in eastern Taiwan, 2000-2005  
C-T Huang, H Chi, H-C Lee, N-C Chiu, F-Y Huang 789
Influence of enrichment broths on multiplex PCR detection of total coliform bacteria, Escherichia coli and Clostridium perfringens, in spiked water samples  
S Worakhunpiset, P Tharnpoophasiam 795
Assessment of different tests to detect methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus  
HK Tiwari, D Sapkota, AK Dad, MR Sen 801
Statistical modelling of childhood diarrhea in northeastern Thailand  
J Ardkaew, P Tongkumchum 807
Effectiveness of school network for childhood obesity prevention (SNOCOP) in primary schools of Saraburi Province, Thailand  
P Banchonhattakit, C Tanasugarn, M Pradipasen, KR Miner, D Nityasuddhi 816
Research note. Laxative anthraquinone contents in fresh and cooked Senna siamea leaves  
A Sakulpanich, W Gritsanapan 835
Investigation of triclosan retention and dental plaque viability with a Triclosan/PVM/MA copolymer mouthrinse in a Thai population  
P Kraivaphan, C Amornchat, T Laothumthut, T Triratana 840
Loss of L-ascorbic acid in commercial drinking milk caused by milk processing and storage times  
N Nalame, W Chaisri, W Suriyasathaporn 848
The patterns and determinants of birth interval in multiparous women in Babol, northern Iran  
KO Hajian-Tilaki, N Asnafi, F Aliakbarnia-Omrani 852
Feasibility of one-stop antenatal syphilis screening in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: women and providers perspectives  
B Munkhuu, T Liabsuetrakul, E McNeil, R Janchiv 861