Volume 40
Number 6
November 2009


Table of Contents  
Early diagnosis and treatment of falciparum malaria in Cambodian trauma patients  
T Heger, SC Han, YV Heng, M Sundet, S Larsen, H Husum 1135
Migrants and malaria risk factors: a study of the Thai-Myanmar border  
R Tipmontree, W Fungladda, J Kaewkungwal, MA SB Tempongko, F-P Schelp 1148
Review. Toxoplasmosis in HIV/AIDS: a living lagacy  
V Nissapatorn 1158
Case report. Acute respiratory distress syndrome in Plasmodium falciparum malaria  
E Eryüksel, D Gün, Z Odaba i, S Karakurt, T Çelikel 1179
Case report. Undiagnosed amebic brain abscess  
P Viriyavejakul, M Riganti 1183
Evaluation of anti-leishmanial activity by induction of nitric oxide and inhibition of prostaglandin in Balb/c mice infected with Leishmania major  
H Nahrevanian, R Hajihosseini, Mohammad Arjmand, M Farahmand, F Ghasemi 1188
Ultrastructural effects of albendazole on the body wall of Gnathostoma spinigerum third stage larvae  
C Arunyanart, P Kanla, A Chaichun, PM Intapan, W Maleewong 1199
Effect of curcumin on pathogenesis of hamster-opisthorchiasis through apoptosis-related gene expression  
P Sriraj, T Boonmars, S Boonjaraspinyo, B Kaewsamut, T Srisawangwong, P Sithithaworn, Z Wu 1208
Molecular identification of larval trematode in intermediate hosts from Chiang Mai, Thailand  
S Chuboon, C Wongsawad 1216
Residual effect of 10% bifenthrin WP on mosquitoes, and community acceptance, in eastern Thailand  
N Komalamisra, R Srisawat, C Apiwathanasorn, Y Samung, P Kaisri 1221
Efficacy of commercial household insecticide aerosol sprays against Aedes aegypit (Linn.) under simulated field conditions  
MS Khadri, KL Kwok, MI Noor, HL Lee 1226
Intramolecular integration assay validates integrase phi c31 and r4 potential in a variety of insect cells  
J Chompoosri, T Fraser, Y Rongsriyam, N Komalamisra, P Siriyasatien, U Thavara, A Tawatsin, MJ Fraser Jr 1235
Development of single-tube mutiplex RT-PCR for dengue virus typing  
P Maneekan, A Jittmittraphap, P Leaungwutiwong, J Kaewkangwal, N Luplertlop 1254
Case report. Hemoptysis in children with pandemic influenza H1N1 2009 infection  
L Haura, B Warachit, J Makkoch, Y Poovorawan 1259
Multi-drug resistant TB and HIV in Thailand: overlapping, but not independently associated risk factors  
S Akksilp, W Wattanaamornkiat, W Kittikraisak, S Nateniyom, S Rienthong, C Sirinak, K Ngamlert, W Mankatittham, W Sattayawuthipong, S Sumnapun, N Yamada, P Monkongdee, A Anuwatnonthakate, C Burapat, CD Wells, JW Tappero, JK Varma 1264
Case report. Multiple fractures of the symphysis pubis due to tuberculous osteomyelitis  
J Gulia, P Kim, MG Kortepeter, A Nguewou, M Waga, L Lai 1279
Dissemination of class I integron in Acinetobacter baumannii isolated from ventilator-associated pneumonia patients and their environment  
S Sirichot, P Diraphat, F Utrarachkij, C Tribuddharat, K Siripanichgon 1284
Pneumocystis pneumonia among HIV patients in Malaysia  
H Siti Asma, Mahiran Mustafa, Shukri Abdullah, AR Zaidah, AR Nurhaslindawati, A Sarimah, YY Chan, M Ravichandran 1293
Evaluation of an in-house immunoperoxidase staining assay for histodiagnosis of human pythiosis  
A Keeratijarut, P Karnsombut, R Aroonroch, S Srimuang, T Sangruchi, L Sansopha, P Mootsikapun, N Larbcharoensub, T Krajaejun 1298
Prevalence and risk factors of overweight and obesity in Turkish academic staff  
E Pirinçci, S Rahman, B Durmus, Y Açik 1306
Response rate of Malaysian blood donors with reactive screening test to transfusion medicine unit calls  
TM Roshan, H Rosline, SA Ahmed, M Rapiaah, MN Khattak 1315
Demographic and clinical characteristics of red tag patients and their one-week mortality rate from the Emergency Department of the Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia  
R Ahmad, R Rahmat, N Hisamudin N Abdul Rahman, AY Mohd Noh, N Mohammad, SF Abdul Wahab, I Zarina Zaini 1322
Case report. A traditional Malay myth leading to unintentional self intoxication with Kecubung fruit  
N Mohamad, K Aryffin Baharuddin, R Ahmad 1331
Health-seeking behavior among HIV-infected patients treated for TB in Thailand  
C Burapat, W Kittikraisak, KP Cain, T Tasaneeyapan, S Nateniyom, S Akksilp, W Mankatittham, C Sirinak, W Sattayawuthipong, JK Varma 1335
Used and foregone health services among a cohort of 87,134 adult open university students residing throughout Thailand  
V Yiengprugsawan, S Seubsman, LL-Y Lim, AC Sleigh, the Thai Cohort Study Team 1347
Prevalence and factors associated with stress among secondary school teachers in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia  
A Abdul Hadi, NN Naing, A Daud, R Nordin, M Rahim Sulong 1359
Effect of different transfusion regimens on craniofacial appearance and dentition in severe thalassemic children  
V Jirarattanasopa, P Hooncharoen, A Mekaewkunchorn, K Torcharus 1371
Predictions of gas-particle partitioning coefficients (Kp) of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at various occupational environments of Songkhla Province, Thailand  
S Pongpiachan, K Thamanu, KF Ho, SC Lee, P Sompongchaiyakul 1377
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