Volume 42
Number 2
March 2011


Table of Contents  
Seroepidemiology of toxoplasmosis in renal patients  
V Nissapatorn, TH Leong, R Lee, Init-Ithoi, J Ibrahim, TS Yen 237
Overview of human clonorchiasis sinensis in China  
X Li, Y Chen, YI Ouyang, H Zhang, R Lin, W Mao 248
Gastrointestinal helminthes in stray cats (Felis catus) from Aizawl, Mizoram, India  
SK Borthakur, SN Mukharjee 255
Population dynamics of adult mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in malaria endemic villages of Kuala Lipis, Pahang, Malaysia  
WNW Mohamad Ali, R Ahmad, Z Mohamed Nor, Z Ismail, HL Lee 259
The efficacy and physical condition of Olyset insecticide-treated nets after 5 years use in rural Lao PDR  
A Tsuzuki, B Khamlome, H Kawada, H Eto, S Phompida, M Takagi 268
Temporal and spatial distribution, sex ratio and fecundity of the eye fly Siphunculina funicola (Diptera: Chloropidae) at aggregation sites during diurnal and nocturnal periods  
U Chansang, MS Mulla, P Sawanpanyalert 274
Molluscicidal effect of Eomecon chionantha alkaloids against Oncomelania hupensis snails  
F Peng, M Liu, Q Huang, N Liu, H Yang, H Sun, Q Hu, F Feng, C Jiang 289
Detection of dengue infection by combining the use of an NS1 antigen based assay with antibody detection  
A Chakravarti, A Kumar, S Malik 297
Detection of distribution of avian influenza H5N1 virus by immunohistochemistry, chromogenic in situ hybridization and real-time PCR techniques in experimentally infected chickens  
C Chamnanpood, D Sanguansermsri, S Pongcharoen, P Sanguansermsri 303
Viral factors involved in adapter-related protein complex 2 alpha 1 subunit-mediated regulation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 replication  
S Sapsutthipas, Y Kitagawa, K Tokunaga, K Ikuta, M Kameoka 311
Research note. Seroprevalence of cytomegalovirus infection in pregnant women and associated role in obstetric complications: a preliminary study  
TS Saraswathy, A Az-Ulhusna, R Nurul Asshikin, S Suriani, S Zainah 320
Longitudinal ocular survey of 202 Filipino patients with multi-bacillary (MB) leprosy treated with 2 year WHO-multiple drug therapy  
JM Ravanes, RV Cellona, M Balagon, RM Abalos, GP Walsh, DS Walsh 323
Synovial fluid adenosine deaminase activity to diagnose tuberculous septic arthritis  
C Foocharoen, C Sarntipipattana, T Foocharoen, A Mahakkanukrauh, A Paupairoj, Y Teerajetgul, R Nanagara 331
Research note. NRAMP1 polymorphism and susceptibility to lung tuberculosis in Surabaya, Indonesia  
J Nugraha, R Anggraini 338
Research note. Evaluation of a new quality assessment strategy for blind rechecking of random sputum smears for TB in Delhi, India  
S Malik, M Hanif, KK Chopra, N Aggarwal, RP Vashist 342
Case-control study of ectopic pregnancies in Myanmar: infectious etiological factors  
Khin-Nwe-Oo, Wah-Wah-Aung, Moe-Thida, Khin-Thet-Wai, Hta-Hta-Yi, Win-Win-Mya 347
Antimicrobial resistance patterns of uropathogens among children in Istanbul, Turkey  
IÖ Ipek, A Bozaykut, DC Arman, RG Sezer 355
Inhibitory effect of formulated lemongrass shampoo on Malassezia furfur: a yeast associated with dandruff  
M Wuthi-udomlert, P Chotipatoomwan, S Panyadee, W Gritsanapan 363
Research note. Identification of major allergens of wildflower honey  
ZH Mohamad Yadzir, R Misnan, N Abdullah, M Arip, S Murad 370
Incorporation of private demand into cost-benefit analysis of a universal Hib vaccination program in Thailand  
C Muangchana, P Warinsatian 376
Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol goal attainment among Malaysian dyslipidemic patients  
A AL-khateeb, MS Mohamed, K Imran, S Ibrahim, BA Zilfalil1, Z Yusof 388
Perceptions of couples about contraception in eastern India  
M Mundle, A Haldar, B Baur, S Haldar, S Chattopadhyay, AB Soren 395
The knowledge, attitudes and practices of soldiers in a gendarmerie command headquarters about family planning and venereal diseases  
AF Oguzoncul, SE Deveci, Y Acik 402
Home-based caregivers’ knowledge regarding anti-retroviral therapy in Namibia  
HN Niikondo, ME Hoque, B Ntuli-Ngcobo 410
A grading system for reproductive and child health indicators in southern India  
KM Sabu, NSK Nair, A Ramachandra Bairy, J Roopalekha 417
Health seeking behavior among Malaysians with acute diarrheal disease  
GH Tee, G Kaur, P Ramanathan, NM Amal, K Chinna 424
Effects of a multidisciplinary supervised exercise program on motor performance and quality of life in community-dwelling chronic stroke survivors in Korean  
I-g Yoo, W-g Yoo 436
Exercise and physical activity among healthy elderly Iranians  
R Abolfazl, A Monireh, A Fazlollah, F Mahshid 444
Effect of an essential oil-containing mouth rinse on VSC-producing bacteria on the tongue  
S Thaweboon, B Thaweboon 456
Shear bond strength of some sealants under saliva contamination  
P Rirattanapong, K Vongsavan, R Surarit 463
Letter to the editor. Wild mushroom poisonings in Hong Kong  
TYK Chan, S-W Chiu 468