Volume 44
Number 4
July 2013


Table of Contents  
Risk factors of shock in severe falciparum malaria  
BJ Arnold, N Tangpukdee, S Krudsood, P Wilairatana 541
Toxocara egg soil contamination and its seroprevalence among public school children in Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines  
AJM Fajutag, VGV Paller 551
The vasculature of nurse cells infected with non-encapsulated Trichinella species  
P Khositharattanakool, N Morakote, P Uparanukraw 561
Case report. Prostatic Schistosoma japonicum with atypical immunophenotying of individual glandular tubes: a case report and review of the literature  
Z Yu, C Wei, Y Wang, Z Ye, Z Wang, Z Chen, L Ni, S Yang, Y Gui, Z Guan, Z Cai, Y Lai 568
The mosquito online advanced analytic service: a case study for school research projects in Thailand  
S Wongkoon, M Jaroensutasinee, K Jaroensutasinee 574
Comparison of mosquito densoviruses: two clades of viruses isolated from indigenous mosquitoes  
K Sangdee, S Pattanakitsakul 586
The prevalence of dengue virus in Brunei Darussalam during January - November 2010  
ZHA Rahman, O Osman, SH Muharram, M Mabruk 594
Factors associated with severe clinical manifestation of dengue among adults in Thailand  
KLL Aung, V Thanachartwet, V Desakorn, S Chamnanchanunt, D Sahassananda, W Chierakul, P Pitisuttithum 602
The effects of climate variables on the outbreak of dengue in Queensland 2008-2009  
T Hasan, H Bambrick 613
Case report. Mortality from septic shock in a dengue infected patient: a case report  
J-J Tsai, M-H Hsieh, L-T Liu, H-M Hsiao, GC Perng 623
Effects of an influenza prevention program using non-pharmaceutical prevention measures to improve the knowledge, attitudes and practices of elementary school students in Nakhon Phanom Province, Thailand  
N Mangklakeeree, S Pinitsoontorn, S Srisaenpang 630
Human cytomegalovirus gB1 genotypes among children who live at the Phayathai Babies’ Home in Nonthaburi, Thailand  
S Paca-uccaralertkun, R Hiatt, R Leecharoen, P Tan- ariya, M Mungthin, S Pongphong 636
Mortality among HIV/AIDS patients coinfected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis in southern Thailand  
B Chaimay, S Woradet, S Chantutanon, S Phuntara, K Suwanna 641
Case report. Ecthyma gangrenosum-like lesions associated with disseminated nontuberculous mycobacterial infection in an HIV-infected patient  
T Techatawepisarn, S Chiewchanvit, P Salee, P Mahanupab, V Baosoung, J Praparattanapan 649
Adenosine deaminase activity level as a tool for diagnosing tuberculous pleural effusion  
N Khow-ean, S Booraphun, N Aekphachaisawat, K Sawanyawisuth 655
Multiplex PCR for detection of superantigenic toxin genes in methicillin-sensitive and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolated from patients and carriers of a hospital in Northeast Thailand  
W Wongboot, C Chomvarin, C Engchanil, P Chaimanee 660
A peptide ELISA to detect antibodies against Pythium insidiosum based on predicted antigenic determinants of exo-1,3-ß-glucanase  
A Keeratijarut, T Lohnoo, W Yingyong, K Sriwanichrak, T Krajaejun 672
Case series. Fungal appendicitis: a case series and review of the literature  
N Larbcharoensub, P Boonsakan, W Kanoksil, D Wattanatranon, S Phongkitkarun, S Molagool, SP Watcharananan 681
Sexual behavior of foreign backpackers in the Khao San Road area, Bangkok  
N Kaehler, W Piyaphanee, C Kittitrakul, YP Kyi, B Adhikari, S Sibunruang, S Jearraksuwan, N Tangpukdee, U Silachamroon, T Tantawichien 690
Case report. Growth retardation due to panhypopituitarism and central diabetes insipidus following Russell’s viper bite  
V Golay, A Roychowdhary, R Pandey, A Pasari, M Praveen, P Arora, D Sarkar 697
Case report. Radial artery injury by a cat fish (Pangasius sutchi) spine sting  
R Ahmad, IZ Zaini, NAN Mohamed, MS Roslanuddin 703
Comparison of hematocrit/hemoglobin ratios in subjects with alpha-thalassemia, with subjects having chronic kidney disease and normal subjects  
S Insiripong, T Supattarobol, A Jetsrisuparb 707
The relationship between smoking and exercise among physical education teachers in Turkey  
C Gundogdu, AF Oguzoncul 712
Effects of school, family and alcohol marketing communication on alcohol use and intentions to drink among Thai students  
JK Kheokao, T Kirkgulthorn, S Yingrengreung, P Singhprapai 718
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