Volume 46
Number 6
November 2015


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Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO)  
Socio-demographic characteristics and geographic distribution of reported malaria cases in Bangka District, Babel Island Province, Indonesia during 2008-2012  
Shodiana, T Kamigaki, H Oshitani 965
Toxoplasma and viral antibodies among HIV patients and inmates in central Java, IndonesiaRaharjo, AA Prasetyo  
Y Sari, S Haryati, I 977
Bioefficacy of a long-lasting insecticide impregnated net against Anopheles maculatus Theobald and Culex quinquefasciatus Say  
SB Tan, I Vythilingam, HL Lee 986
Characteristics of phlebotomine sandflies in selected areas of Sri Lanka  
SASC Senanayake, W Abeyewicreme, EM Dotson, ND Karunaweera 994
Molecular detection of human bocavirus 1 and 2 in children with acute gastroenteritis in Taiwan  
MB Tang, CM Chu, YC Chou, JC Kuan, CP Yu 1005
Prevalence of human enterovirus among patients with hand, foot, and mouth disease and herpangina in Thailand, 2013  
J Mauleekoonphairoj, J Puenpa, S Korkong, S Vongpunsawad, Y Poovorawan 1013
Molecular characterization of virulence and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of uropathogenic Escherichia coli from patients in a tertiary hospital, southern Thailand  
M Themphachana, S Kongpheng, P Rattanachuay, S Khianngam, K Singkhamanan, P Sukhumungoon 1021
Detection of New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase-1-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae at a general hospital in Thailand  
P Preechachuawong, W Santimaleeworagun, T Jitwasinkul, W Samret 1031
Prospective evaluation of a novel two-step protocol for screening of Clostridium difficile infection in hospitalized adult patients  
R Issarachaikul, M Khantipong, A Sawatpanich, C Suankratay 1037
Nocardia beijingensis psoas abscess and subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by Phaeoacremonium parasiticum in a renal transplant recipient: the first case report in Thailand  
N Palavutitotai, P Chongtrakool, P Ngamskulrungroj, M Chayakulkeeree 1049
Nocardiosis revealed by thyroid abscess and pneumonia in a liver transplant recipient  
W Reechaipichitkul, P Thanasatirakul 1055
Plant poisoning in Thailand: a 10-year analysis from Ramathibodi Poison Center  
C Sriapha, A Tongpoo, S Wongvisavakorn, P Rittilert, S Trakulsrichai, S Srisuma, W Wananukul 1063
Equity and satisfaction of community health services in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia  
LJ Yu, WH Zhao, ZF Fan, YH Bai 1077
Association between maternal body mass index and weight gain with low birth weight in eastern thailand  
P Sananpanichkul, S Rujirabanjerd 1085
Influence of perceived risk of smoking and second-hand smoke on self-regulatory behavior among pregnant Taiwanese women  
MC Lai, FS Chou, CC Wang, YJ Yang 1092
Parental knowledge of the adverse effects of household tobacco smoke exposure in asthmatic children  
S Poopat, S Sritippayawan, H Kamalaporn, S Phumethum 1103
Epidemiology and risk factors for nonfatal drowning in the migrant children  
Y Zhu, G Xu, H Li, Y Huang, K Ding, J Chen 1112
Work related injury and illness: exploring the return-to-work program in Malaysia  
H Awang, N Mansor, SKA Rodrigo 1124
The relationship between injury severity and individual characteristics: a survey in southern China  
K Huang, W Liang, S Han, AS Abdullah, L Yang 1134
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