Volume 47
Number 4
July 2016


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SEAMEO TROPMED Malaysia: Institute for Medical Research Kuala Lumpur  
SEAMEO TROPMED Philippines: College of Public Health, University of the Philippines Manila  
RR Quizon 570
SEAMEO TROPMED Thailand: Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University  
Effect on rosette formation of antibodies to Duffy binding-like 1 alpha domain of Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1  
S Saiwaew, K Moll, AM Leitgeb, N Piaraksa, P Sila, N Patthanacharoern, R Phetsouvanh, P Charunwatthana, C Uthaisin, AM Dondorp, M Wahlgren, K Chotivanich 581
Submicroscopic evidence of the simian malaria parasite, Plasmodium knowlesi, in an Orang Asli community  
AI Jiram, S Hisam, H Reuben, SZ Husin, A Roslan, WRW Ismail 591
APDS (Automated Parasite Detection System) for field malaria diagnosis in the Philippines  
CJG Cruz, M Labreque, MC Goh, PT Rivera 600
Leishmaniasis in peninsular Malaysia: the role of immigrant workers and the vector  
MY Noor Azian, SL Hakim, MS Khadri, MY Yusri, JI Adela, M Noor, OS Nurhainis, G Karnan, H Shamilah 607
Molecular xenomonitoring of filarial infection in Malaysian mosquitoes under the national program for elimination of lymphatic filariasis  
SB Tan, R Ahmad, RS Raden Hisam, SK Heng, J Leaburi, Z Ismail, LH Sulaiman, RFH Mohamad Soyoti, HL Lee 617
A model for integrating paragonimiasis surveillance and control with tuberculosis control program  
VY Belizario Jr, MC Jorge II, JV Ng, MS Mistica, HY Lam, LJJ Rivera, MRC Anino, JPCR delos Trinos 625
Assessment of three schistosomiasis endemic areas using Kato-Katz technique and ELISA antigen and antibody tests  
V Belizario Jr, AA Bungay, GS Su, C de Veyra, JD Lacuna 638
Review. Schistosomiasis in the Philippines: challenges and some successes in control  
L Leonardo, Y Chigusa, M Kikuchi, N Kato-Hayashi, S Kawazu, JM Angeles, IK Fontanilla, IK Tabios, K Moendeg, Y Goto, RJ Fornillos, PG Tamayo, JC Chua 651
High burden of soil-transmitted helminthiases in preschool-age children in Masbate: a decade of implementation of the integrated helminth control program in the Philippines  
VY Belizario Jr, JV Ng, MLE Amarillo, JPCR delos Trinos, MR Reyes, O Fudalan 667
Skip oviposition behavior of laboratory, field and transgenic strain of Aedes aegypti (L.)  
WA Nazni, MRSS Bandara, AH Azahari, RW Craig, HL Lee 680
Behavioral response of Aedes aegypti (l.) to its semiochemicals  
NA Hamid, M-K Shahar, YM Mashitah, SM Ibrahim, AA Ghani, E Abas, M-N Mohd Noor, HL Lee 691
Mosquito larvicidal trap (MLT) as surveillance and control tool for Aedes mosquitoes  
LA De Las Llagas, LGS Bersales, AG Bertuso, MS Mistica, VR Ocampo, JB Samaniego, EA Magsino, FD Alzona 701
Review. Aedes dengue vector ovitrap surveillance system: a framework for mosquito density prediction  
LA De Las Llagas, BK Tyagi, LGS Bersales 712
Larvicidal and adulticidal activities of Malaysian seaweeds against Aedes aegypti (L.) and Aedes albopictus Skuse (Diptera: Culicidae)  
R Ahmad, K-X Yu, C-L Wong, I Jantan 719
Effect of temperature on the immature development of Aedes albopictus Skuse  
H Rozilawati, S Mohd Masri, K Tanaselvi, J Zairi, WA Nazni, HL Lee 731
Thermally applied Lysinibacillus sphaericus and pyrethroids against Culex sitiens Wiedemann and Culex quinquefasciatus Say in Malaysia  
HL Lee, L David, WA Nazni, H Rozilawati, H Nurulhusna, A Noor Afizah, R Rosilawati, A Roziah, CH Teh, B Seleena 747
Japanese encephalitis in Malaysia: review of laboratory data from 2006 to 2013  
N Izati Mustapa, TS Saraswathy, NA Mohd Ruslan, FMd Kassim, Z Saat 759
Identification of prevalent Leptospira serovars infecting water buffaloes, cows, dogs, pigs, and rats in the Philippines  
NG Gloriani, SYAM Villanueva, Y Yanagihara, S Yoshida 766
Post-flooding surveillance of leptospirosis after the onslaught of typhoons Nesat, Nalgae and Washi in the Philippines  
NG Gloriani, SYAM Villanueva, Y Yanagihara, S Yoshida 774
Capability of nurses on the prevention and control of leptospirosis in Manila, Philippines  
JP Guevarra, EC Castillo, NG Gloriani, MP Borja, H Nomura, S Yoshida, MG Oidem, SLC Capistrano, YMH Zuniga 787
Electronic medical records in Myanmar: user perceptions at Marie Stopes International Clinics in Myanmar  
WM Thit, J Kaewkungwal, N Soonthornworasiri, N Theera-Ampornpunt, B Kijsanayotin, S Lawpoolsri, S Naing, W Pan-ngum 799
Interrupted time series analysis using segmented regression of premature mortality from noncommunicable disease among Filipinos  
PAV Pinlac, T Silawan, MSB Tempongko, MCC Tolabing, N Soonthornworasiri 810
Review. Challenges in the development of a medical surveillance system for pneumoconioses and other asbestos-related diseases in the Philippines  
VFF Fadrilan-Camacho, RR Quizon, DV Diaz, ANP Manaloto 822
Occupational health and safety of the informal mining, transport and agriculture sectors in the Philippines  
APB Cadiz, VFF Fadrilan-Camacho, RR Quizon, RG Josef 833
Factors associated with household food insecurity in the Santa Rosa sub-watershed area of Laguna Lake watershed, Philippines  
ANC Bermudez, NR Juban, JZG Tan 844
Assessment of the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN) localization in selected municipalities in Ifugao, Bulacan and Siquijor, Philippines  
MSE Ignacio, ER Bullecer 852
Geographical distribution of health workforces in Lao PDR  
P Sa-angchai, S Phienphommalinh, S Yimsamran, J Kaewkungwal, B Kijsanayotin, N Soonthornworasiri 868
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