Volume 47
Number 6
November 2016


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Prevalence of intestinal protozoan infections among children in Thailand: a large-scale screening and comparative study of three standard detection methods  
V Sanprasert, N Srichaipon, U Bunkasem, S Srirungruang, S Nuchprayoon 1123
Occurrence and genetic characterization of GRA6 and SAG2 from Toxoplasma gondii oocysts in cat feces, Kunming, China  
Y Liang, JQ Chen, Y Meng, FC Zou, J Hu, GW Esch 1134
Factors associated with the prevalence of Ascaris lumbricoides infection among preschool children in a plantation community, Kandy District, Sri Lanka  
L Galgamuwa, D Iddawela, SD Dharmaratne 1143
Prevlence and risk factors for Opisthorchis viverrini infection among cats and dogs in six districts surrounding the Ubolratana dam, an endemic area for human opisthorchiasis in northeastern Thailand  
S Aunpromma, P Kanjampa, P Papirom, S Tangkawattana, P Tangkawattana, S Tesana, T Boonmars, A Suwannatrai, S Uopsai, P Sukon, B Sripa 1153
Effects of sugar concentration on fecundity, biting behavior and survivability of female Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus (Skuse)  
MA Naziri, NFA Kassim, Z-W Jong, CE Webb 1160
Assessing the cost burden of dengue infection to a household in Seremban, Malaysia  
Md Shahin Mia, R Ara Begum, AC Er, JJ Pereira 1167
Salmonella septic bursitis of the ankle in a human immunodeficiency virus-infected patient: a case report and literature review  
A Hiransuthikul, N Hiransuthikul 1177
Willingness to pay, quality of life, and knowledge on herpes zoster among Thai patients prior zoster vaccine era  
O Chayangsu, S Jiamton, C Leeyaphan, N Prasertworonun, V Omcharoen, K Kulthanan 1183
Trends in the prevalence of syphilis among older’ adults in Shandong, China  
D Liu, Y Yang, C Xiu, Z Li, T Chu, H Tian 1192
Risk factors for latent tuberculosis infection among health-care workers in northeastern Thailand  
D Nonghanphithak, W Reechaipichitkul, T Chaiyasung, K Faksri 1198
Treatment outcomes among diabetic patients with tuberculosis in Thailand  
J Sae-tung, J Kaewkungwal, U Silachamroon, P Pokaew, S Rattanajiamrangsree, Y Kasetjareon, S Lawpoolsri 1209
Characterization of Clostridium difficile isolated from diarrheal patients in a tertiary-care hospital, Karnataka, South India  
C Rituparna, B Mamatha, PM Mukhyaprana, HH Manjunatha, PP Gururaja, R Thandavarayan 1221
Microbiological safety assessment and risk mitigation of Indian Rojak (deep fried ready-to-eat food) in Singapore  
KT Aung, JACY Lo, ML Chau, JSL Kang, HM Yap, RA Gutiérrez, H-Gy Yuk, LC Ng 1231
Detection of Helicobacter pylori and virulence-associated genes in saliva samples of asymptomatic persons in Northeast Thailand  
A Tirapattanun, W Namwat, S Kanthawong, W Wongboot, S Wongwajana, P Wongphutorn, C Chomvarin 1246
Multidrug resistant and extended spectrum b-lactamase producing Salmonella enterica isolated from food animals in Phatthalung, Thailand  
M Lertworapreecha, S Noomee, S Sutthimusik, B Utrarapichat, K Tontikapong 1257
Multilocus sequence typing of Brucella isolates from Thailand  
W Chawjiraphan, P Sonthayanon, P Chanket, S Benjathummarak, A Kerdsin, T Kalambhaheti 1270
Development of an Antibiotic Options Index for antibiotic resistance monitoring  
T Manomayitthikan, GN Borlace, N Kessomboon 1288
Anemia among lactating mothers in Kokang, Myanmar  
A Zhao, SJ Cao, HC Gao, QY Xiao, NN Win, YM Zhang 1298
ADIPOQ polymorphisms among Thais with pre-diabetes  
S Chaikhiandee, B Phonrat, A Tungtrongchitr, K Suriyaprom, S Chuengsamarn, C Uttamachai, R Tungtrongchitr 1306
Association of environmental factors and adiposity in Thai school children: a structural equation modeling approach  
W Wimonpeerapattana, N Rojroongwasinkul, A Boonpraderm, W Thasanasuwan, S Senaprom, S Purttiponthanee, MCE Bragt, P Deurenberg 1315
Children’s eating behavior questionnaire: factorial validation and differences in sex and educational level in Thai school-age children  
T Sirirassamee, P Hunchangsith 1325
Prevalence and risk factors for cardiac iron overload and cardiovascular complications among patients with thalassemia in northern Thailand  
A Tantiworawit, S Tapanya, A Phrommintikul, S Saekho, E Rattarittamrong, L Norasetthada, C Chai-Adisaksopha, S Hantrakool, P Charoenkwan, N Chattipakorn 1335
Burnout and occupational participation among Turkish dental students  
H Eren, M Huri, N Bağış, O Başıbüyük, S Şahin, M Umaroğlu, K Orhan 1343
Personality traits and stress levels among senior dental students: evidence from Malaysia and Singapore  
ZYM Yusof, WNW Hassan, IA Razak, SMN Hashim, MKAM Tahir, SB Keng 1353
Personal and interpersonal factors related to suicidal ideation among rural Vietnamese adolescents  
H Lee, R Yoo, H Ahn, S Yoon, J-y Lee, J Kim, E Kim, S Cho, MK Heyland, TD Tu, NTX Nhan 1366
Consumer expectation on service quality provide by pharmacist in self medication practices and its associated factors in Bandung, Indonesia  
SD Alfian, RK Sinuraya, AP Kautsar, R Abdulah 1379
Letter to the Editor. On the presence of a Taenia saginata-like parasite in a toddler in Thailand  
MT Galán-Puchades, MV Fuentes 1385
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