Volume 48
Number 4
July 2017


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Proteomic analysis of asexual stages, young and mature gametocytes of Plasmodium falciparum strain NF54 by mass spectrometry  
K Thima, O Reamtong, S Moonsom, P Chavalitshewinkoon-Petmitr 711
Distinct dimer interface of Plasmodium falciparum thymidylate synthase: implication for species-specific antimalarial drug design  
S Chanama, P Chitnumsub, U Leartsakulpanich, M Chanama 722
Genetic diversity of Plasmodium vivax Duffy binding protein (PvDBP) gene in Sabah, Malaysia  
F Saat, MH Nyunt, NR Abdullah, UR Sastu, NA Norahmad, PK Muniandy, J Jelip, KF Ruslan, M Tikuson, Z Ismail 737
Detection of Toxoplasma gondii by PCR and quantitative PCR with high specificty and lower limit of detection  
C Suviriyapaisal, D Wanachiwanawin, S Limawongpranee 749
Activity of plant essential oils against Giardia duodenalis  
S Popruk, K Thima, R Udonsom, R Chiabchalard, A Mahittikorn, K Palukul, A Thepouypom 756
A single parathyroid hormone receptor-like member of family B1 G-protein coupled receptors in Fasciola gigantica  
P Martviset, R Grams 762
Elimination of Haplochis taichui metacercaria in cyprinoid fish with freezing temperature and soured fish (plasom) with salinity  
P Kaenjampa, S Tangkawattana, JF Smith, P Sukon, P Tangkawattana 777
Identification of Aedes aegypti (L) and Aedes albopictus (Skuse) breeding habitats in dengue endemic sites in Kuala Lumpur federal territory and Selangor state, Malaysia  
O Nordin, TG Ney, NW Ahmad, S Benjamin, Lee HL 786
The influence of temperature on the developmental rate and survival of Aedes albopictus in Thailand  
T Phanitchat, C Apiwathnasorn, S Sumroiphon, Y Samung, A Naksathit, C Thawornkuno, W Juntarajumnong, S Sungvornyothin 799
Estimating reproduction number of dengue transmission in 2013 and 2014, Singapore  
C Wu, PJY Wong 809
Hospital personnel sero-protected against hepatitis B virus following an accelerated vaccination program  
U Simarugumpai, N Chaiear, P Mairiang, S Limwattananon, S Lerdrumpattana 819
Bioaerosol sampling for airborne respiratory viruses in an experimental medicine pig handling facility, Singapore  
MK Poh, M Ma, TT Nguyen, YCF Su, EM Pena, BE Ogden, BD Anderson, GC Gray 828
Neonatal melioidosis presenting with suppurative cervical lymphadenitis: a case report  
E Pradermdussadeeporn, N Apiwattanakul 836
Maternal to child group B Streptococcus transmission rate at Thammasat University Hospital, Thailand  
W Hiriote, S Tor-Udom, P Tor-Udom 841
Group B Streptococcus mycotic aneurysm of the thoracic aorta: a case report and literature review  
D Ruangkriengsin, M Chayakulkeeree, P Phoompoung 850
DMSc proficiency testing program for a-thalassemia 1 diagnosis: 13 years experience in Thailand  
S Sangkitporn, S Duangruang, A Sangnoi, A Dambua, C Yodtup, P Boonchu, S Sangkitporn 856
Prevalence and characterization of thalassemia among migrant workers from Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar in Thailand  
J Buakhao, P Khumpun, P Winichagoon, S Fucharoen, K Paiboonsukwong 864
Factors associated with preferred type of delivery among pregnant women in Elazig City, Turkey  
IH Akkus, BY Aksakal, E Pirincci 875
Quality of life among elderly people in Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia  
S Long, S Sudnongbua 884
Different dietary patterns are associated with the disparity in overweight of boys between rural and urban China  
Xu Tian, Li Zhong, Chao Liu, H Wang 892
Overweight and obesity among primary schoolchildren in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand: comparison of Thai, International Obesity Task Force and WHO Growth References  
SA Hong, C Sriburapapirom, K Thamma-aphiphol, C Jalayondeja, S Tiraphat 902
Microbial and behavioral determinants of dental caries in permanent dentition among Thai schoolchildren  
P Pantuwadee Pisarnturakit, P Detsomboonrat 912
Knowledge, attitudes, and capabilities for smoking cessation counselling in dental practice  
NA Yahya, R Sau, M Md Nor 926
Letter to the Editor. Microalbuminuria and dengue viral infections  
U Jayarajah, SL Seneviratne, P Gurugama, K Wanigasuriya 938
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