Volume 48
Number 5
September 2017


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Ultra structure changes of diosgenin-treated human monocyte u937-derived macrophages induced by Naegleria fowleri lysate  
S Tiewcharoen, J Rabablert, T Atithep, G Katzenmeier, P Chetanachan, V Junnu 945
Determinants of transmission risk and the role of vector pupal presence in the development of integrated approaches to dengue ontrol in muntinlupa city, the Philippines  
FV Salazar, EI Cruz, PJ Bugayong, M Fulache-Aligato, J Marco, Y Merndoza, MM Torno, WE Aure, K Gimutao, L Lee-Suy, MS Baquilod, MJ Bangs, Fe Esperanza J Espino 955
Habitats and trematode infection of Bithynia siamensis goniomphalos in Udon Thani Province, Thailand  
J Kulsantiwong, S Prasopdee, N Labbunruang, M Chaiyasaeng, S Tesana 975
Competency in diagnosis and management of dengue infection among graduating medical students in Thailand  
N Apiwattanakul, K Tangnararachakit, P Puapradit, H Chairassamee, S Pakakasama 983
Clinical characteristics and meteorological patterns of Zika virus infection in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand  
W Katip, P Wientong 993
Assessment of serological data of herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 infections in Samsun, Turkey, 2012-2016  
F Arttiran Igde, MH Taskin, M Igde, F Erdem, Z Yazici 999
Antimicrobial resistance and molecular characterization of salmonella enterica serovar kedougou isolates from clinical specimens and environmental samples in thailand, 2006-2009  
C Pulsrikarn, P Sriyapai, P Chaichana, A Nyamniyom, T Sriyapai 1006
Molecular epidemiology and antibiogram of Salmonella isolates from humans, swine and pork  
P Sringam, P Tungtanatanich, P Suwannachot, F Suksawat, S Khang-Air, S Angkititrakul 1017
Virulence factors and molecular epidemiology of Uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from paired urine and rectal swab samples of patients with urinary tract infections in Thailand  
N Parikumsil, W Prapasawat, A Siriphap, K Chonsin, C Theethakaew, N Sukolrattanamaetee, D Ratchatanapha, K Siripanichgon, O Suthienkul 1029
Antimicrobial resistance, integron, virulence gene, and multilocus sequence typing of Escherichia coli isolates from postweaning piglets with and without diarrhea  
W Prapasawat, A Intarapuk, P Chompook, C Nakajima, Y Suzuki, O Suthienkul 1042
Efficacy of bacteriophage against multidrug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates  
F Khalid, AB Siddique, Z Nawaz, M Shafique, MA Zahoor, MA Nisar, MH Rasool 1056
Neonatal group B Streptococcus sepsis: a multicenter study in Thailand  
A Thatrimontrichai, N Khunnarakpong, P Tantichanthakarun, C Techato, A Nurak, R Sukumal, S Pasee, T Sujjanunt, N Rujeerapaiboon 1063
Factors associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus among the elderly hill tribe population in Thailand  
R Tamornpark, T Apidechkul, P Upala, C Inta 1072
Pilot screening program for thalassemia carriers at community level in LAO People’s Democratic Republic  
K Somphanthabansouk, K Sanchaisuriya, V Vidamaly, S Fucharoen, G Fucharoen, FP Schelp, P Sanchaisuriya 1083
Rural-urban disparities in dietary habits and anthropometric indicators among Chinese students  
J Zheng, Z Zhen, R An 1093
Adherence to guideline recommendations on anti-hypertensive medication prescribing by primary care physicians in Malaysia  
PSM Lai, PY Lee, CJ Ng, SM Liew, SSL Wong, YC Chia, A Abdullah, NS Hanafi, EM Khoo 1107
Experience as factors associated with repeat blood donation among university students in malaysia  
JR Jaafar, STChong, K Alavi 1118
The remineralization effect of bioactive glass on enamel caries-like lesions in primary teeth  
P Benjasuwantep, P Rirattanapong, K Vongsavan 1127
Effect of fluoride varnish on surface microhardness of white spot lesions on primary teeth  
J Siripipat, S Poonsuk, N Singchaidach, P Phansaichua, P Sampataphakdee, W Leelasangsai, N Wongkamolchun 1133
Association between milk temperature and microhardness of enamel caries  
K Vongsavan, P Rirattanapong, R Surarit 1140
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