Volume 48
Number 6
November 2017


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Molecular epidemiology of Blastocystis sp in animals reared by the aborigines during wet and dry seasons in rural communities, Pahang, Malaysia  
SA Noradilah, TS Anuar, N Moktar, IL Lee, F Salleh, SNAA Manap, NSHM Mohtar, SM Azrul, WO Abdullah, SA Nordin, SR Abdullah 1151
Review Chloroquine as a second line treatment for malaria in Lao PDR: risks and benefits  
D Duangdany, X Xu, W Yao 1161
Permot (Passiflora foetida Linn.) leaf extracts as bioinsecticide against Aedes aegypti larvae  
P Hastutiek, A Sunarso, RH Prasetyo 1169
Diversity, seasonal abundance and biting activity of Anopheles species in relation to climatic factors in northeastern Thailand  
P Poolphol, RE Harbach, P Sriwichai, W Srisuka, K Aupalee, K Taai, S Thongsahuan, S Uttamangkapong, R Phuackchantuck, N Morakote, P Somboon, A Saeung, U Chaithong 1175
Ovicidal and larvicidal properties of Pergularia extensa and Spermacoce hispida ethanol root extracts on Anopheles stephensi Liston  
D Abirami, K Kovendan, B Chandramohan 1188
Molecular epidemiological study on norovirus infection in two distinct hospitals in northeastern Thailand, 2013-2015  
R Guntapong, K Ruchusatsawat, B Suwannakan, N Panthasri, W Kittiwongsunthorn, V Chaichitwanitkul, K Chumpon, R Tacharoenmuang, P Singchai, S Upachai, M Boonchan, N Takeda, S Sangkitporn, K Motomura 1200
Monoclonal antibody-based latex agglutination for rapid identification of leptospires isolated from patient blood and rat kidney in Thailand  
P Ekpo, U Rungpanich, D Suwancharoen, D Phulsuksombath, V Wuthiekanun, Y Suputtamongkol 1210
Seroprevalence of leptospirosis among town service workers in Kelantan, Malaysia  
MA Zainuddin, N Ismail, SA Hassan, MN Shafei, MR Abdullah, ZW Mohamad, NA Yaacob, AM Nikman, A Daud, O Maizurah 1222
Factors associated with treatment outcomes of patients with extensively drug-resistant gram-negative infections treated with colistin combination therapy: a pilot study  
P Rotjanapan, P Kongprasom, P Bunupuradah, S Auparakkitanon, J Krongvorakul, J Sueajai 1230
Research note Salmonella prevalence, antibiograms and serotypes from chicken meat and egg in Khon Kaen city, Thailand  
P Neunchat, K Yangkao, N Earm-sa-ard, S Chatuphonprasert, J Wiwattrakul, J Manaijsin, N Polruang, A Sopa, P Sukon, K Kanistranon, S Khaeng-air, B Noppon 1241
Prevalence, virulence profiles, and genetic relationship of atypical enteropathogenic Escherichia coli O145 from beef, southern Thailand  
A Sae-lim, P Jearanai, P Rattanachuay, P Sukhumungoon 1248
Antibacterial effect of the water extract of Houttuynia cordata water extract against multi-drug resistant Escherichia coli  
J Li, M Rehman, H Zhang, MK Iqbal, K Mehmood, S Huang, F Nabi 1260
Epidemiology of Moraxella catarrhalis infections among Thai patients treated at Siriraj Hospital, Thailand during 2012-2015  
C Tribuddharat, S Srifuengfung 1267
Using clinical profile and initial laboratory results to differentiate leptospirosis, scrub typhus and dengue viral infections among children with an acute febrile illness  
S Assawawiroonhakarn, A Geater, K Laoprasopwattana 1274
Pneumococcal meningitis at a Thai hospital over a 10-year period: clinical outcomes, serotypes, and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns  
J Suphanklang, W Santimaleeworagun, S Thunyaharn, J Traipattanakul 1281
A survey of antibiotic self-medication and over the counter drug use among undergraduate medical students in Yogyakarta, Indonesia  
S Sandhu, Y Suryani, I Dwiprahasto, J Atthobari 1290
Risk factors and etiologies of clean and clean contaminated surgical site infections at a tertiary care center in Malaysia  
WJ Leong, H Hasan, Z Zakaria, MZH Ghazali, SAA Hamid, SA Hassan 1299
Prevalence of glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency and genetic mutations among Karen and Lao populations in Thailand  
A Kanchanavithayakul, K Prasittisa, P Kiat-Amornrak, M Chanda, P Kittiwatanasarn, I Nuchprayoon, CL Cheepsunthorn 1308
Relation between sitting time and sociodemographic factors of Japanese living overseas  
KP Izawa, K Oka 1318
Effect of fluoride varnishes enhanced with different calcium phosphate on microhardness of primary teeth  
P Rirattanapong, K Vongsavan, C Saengsirinavin, N Jantarakam 1325
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