Volume 49
Number 4
July 2018


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Human gnathostomiasis in Myanmar: a review of local literature  
Aung Phyo Wai, Win Win Maw, Aye Chan Moe, T Boonmars, Y Nawa 543
Research note Neospora caninum infection in cattle, cows and goats in Jiangxi Province, China  
H Luo, K Li, H Zhang, Y Lan, P Gan, M Shahzad, K Mehmood, X Xiong, J Wang 549
Adult Aedes mosquito and dengue virus surveillance in residential and public areas of Selangor, Malaysia  
SM Lau, A Tassha-Hilda, CH Ooi, I Mustafakamal, H Dahlia, A Nurul-Ainni, I Fatimah, M Norzaleha, WM Sharifah-Malihah, R Ahmad-Firdaus, B Mohamad-Adam, TAB Tg-Mohd-Ikhwan 553
Characterization of the larval breeding sites of Anopheles balabacensis (Baisas), in Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia  
R Ahmad, WN Wan Mohamad Ali, MH Omar, AAA Rahman, M Ariffin Majid, Z Mohamed Nor, YK Xin, J Jelip, T Husin, LH Lim 566
Survey of forensically important fly species in northern Thailand  
KL Sukontason, C Samerjai, S Sanit, T Klong-klaew, K Limsopatham, N Sontigun, S Suwannayod, H Kurahashi, N Bunchu, T Chaiwong, K Moophayak, JK Tomberlin, K Sukontason 580
Wing morphometric analysis of blow flies for species identification: intra- and inter-individual variations in Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius) and Chrysomya rufifacies (Macquart)  
N Wangmuthitakul, P Taenpitak, K Saeten, S Phatithirakundet, J Tanatip, N Sontigun, K Limsopatham, KL Sukontason 590
Penile myiasis caused by Protophormia terraenovae  
N Larbcharoensub, J Phothikasikorn, T Pansawangwong, A Thaipratan 600
Molecular epidemiology of dengue viruses isolated from patients with suspected dengue fever in Bangkok, Thailand during 2006-2015  
S Yoksan, J Rabablert, K Chaiyo, S Rajakam, S Kerdkriangkrai, P Khawsithiwong 604
Simplified host DNA removal procedure for viral detection in clinical blood samples  
P Jarupathirun, A Huang, K Chin-inmanu, H Grove, P Chinnawirotpisan, T Phonpakobsin, I-K Yoon, S Fernandez, LR Macareo, P Suriyaphol, W Rutvisuttinunt 617
Comparison of anti-DENV/JEV IgG-mAb enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and hemagglutination inhibition assay  
K Sirikajornpan, A Nisalak, B Thaisomboonsuk, D Buddhari, I-K Yoon, D Ellison, L Macareo, S Fernandez 629
Detection of rotavirus and adenovirus in elderly patients with and without acute gastroenteritis in Taiwan  
M-B Tang, W-T Huang, W-C Wu, H-F Chang, Y-W Lin, M-H Lin, Y-L Lin, H-W Chang, Y-C Chou, C-P Yu 639
Prevalence, molecular characterization and genetic relatedness of Escherichia coli O103 from meat in southern Thailand  
A Sae-lim, N Wameadesa, P Rattanachuay, P Sukhumungoon 646
Risk factors of diphtheria carriers in Indonesian children  
D Husada, D Primayani, K Marbun, L Kartina, D Puspitasari, NW Tirthaningsih, PS Basuki, Ismoedijanto 660
Comparison of the accuracy of the clinical dehydration scale and Gorelick 10-point scale versus pre- and post-hydration body weight among children with acute gastroenteritis  
T Kanjanaphan, Y Amornchaicharoensuk 670
Nutrition levels among children with newly diagnosed cancer at Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand  
N Densupsoontorn, K Sanpakit, O Oungbumrungpun, R Wongarn, H Tirapongporn 677
Factors affecting body mass index in overweight/obese university students, Gansu, China: a cross sectional study  
X Qin, L Chen, X Liu, S Zheng, X Wang 685
Factors associated with cognitive decline among elderly in Wuhan, China living alone versus those living with children  
C Fu, F Yang, Z Mao 696
Travellers’ knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding prevention of infectious diseases: a cross sectional study from Malaysian airports  
ZY Chow, SM Ching, R Vasudevan, F Hoo, WA Wan Sulaiman, YL Foo, YY Tey, WL Chang, HW Lim, CH Tan 707
Hospital reported factors associated with mortality among road traffic accident victims in southern Thailand  
N Sae-Tae, A Lim, S Kakchapati, A Ueranantasun 717
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