Volume 31
Number 2
June 2000


Table of Contents  
C Kidson 201
Prognostic significance of skin and subcutaneous fat sequestration of parasites in severe falciparum malaria  
P Wilairatana, M Riganti, P Puchadapirom, B Punpoowong, S Vannaphan, R Udomsangpetch, S Krudsood, GM Brittenham, Sornchai Looareesuwan 203
Plasmodium falciparum : Detection and strain identification of Indian isolates by polymerase chain reaction  
ABS Sidhu, R Madhubala 213
Malaria outbreak in a tribal area of Gujarat State, India  
HC Srivastava, RS Yadav 219
Review : Status of malaria in Thailand  
T Chareonviriyaphap, MJ Bangs, S Ratanatham 225
Treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Myanmar : A clinical decision analysis  
Cho-Min-Naing, A Saul 238
Autogenous Aedes togoi sub-colony (Chanthaburi, Thailand strain), an efficient laboratory vector in study of filariasis  
D Riyong, W Choochote, A Jitpakdi, S Suvannadabba, S Leemingsawat, U Chaithong 246
A preliminary analysis of Wuchereria bancrofti microfilarial antigens for potential use in diagnosis  
JK Casinader, Saverimuttu, K Berzins, P Perlmann, EH Karunanayake, MM Ismail 252
A comparison of the pattern of liver involvement in dengue hemorrhagic fever with classic dengue fever  
SFSA Walid, S Sanusi MM Zawawi, RA Ali 259
Case report : A dengue shock patient with negative serology and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests  
C Pancharoen, U Thisyakorn, A Nisalak 264
Molecular evolution, distribution and genetic relationship among the dengue 2 viruses isolated from different clinical severity  
BD Pandey, K Morita, F Hasebe, M del Carmen Parquet, A Igarashi 266
Clinico-epidemiology of hepatitis C viral infection in northeastern Thailand  
K Chunlertrith, W Sukeepaisarnjaroen, P Mairiang, Y Urwijitaroon, K Takase, T Yamauchi, H Yoshimura,Y Tameda 273
Serological study of hantavirus in the rodent population of Nakhon Pathom and Nakhon Ratchasima Provinces, Thailand  
N Nitatpattana, G Chauvancy, J Dardaine, T Poblap, K Jumronsawat, W Tangkanakul, D Poonsuksombat, S Yoksan, J-P Gonzalez 277
Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtypes among Malaysian intravenous drug users  
TS Saraswathy, KP Ng, M Sinniah 283
Immunogenicity and safety of purified Vero-cell rabies vaccine in severely rabies-exposed patients in China  
XJ Wang, J Lang, XR Tao, JD Shu,V Le Mener, SC Wood, JT Huang, SL Zhao 287
Blood lead levels of a population group not occupationally exposed to lead in Singapore  
KS Neo, KT Goh, CT Sam 295
Risk factors for Nipah virus transmission, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia: results from a hospital-based case-control study  
NM Amal, MS Lye, TG Ksiazek, PD Kitsutani, KS Hanjeet, MA Kamaluddin, F Ong, S Devi, PC Stockton, O Ghazali, R Zainab, MA Taha 301
Assessment of Nipah virus transmission among pork sellers in Seremban, Malaysia  
GD Premalatha, MS Lye, J Ariokasamy, UD Parashar, R Rahmat, BY Lee, TG Ksiazek 307
Assessment of community maternal care performance of public health midwives of a province in Sri Lanka : A multi-method approach  
W Gunathunga, DN Fernando 310
Fluoride in water consumed by children in remote areas of Thailand  
S Chuckpaiwong, S Nakornchai, R Surarit, S Soo-ampon, R Kasetsuwan 319
Erythrocyte antioxidant enzymes and blood pressure in relation to overweight and obese Thai in Bangkok  
D Viroonudomphol, P Pongpaew, R Tungtrongchitr, B Phonrat, V Supawan, N Vudhivai, FP Schelp 325
Levels of plasma lipid peroxide products and antioxidant status in rheumatoid arthritis  
S Kajanachumpol, M Vanichapuntu, O Verasertniyom, K Totemchokchyakarn, M Vatanasuk 335
The prevalence of malnutrition and geo-helminth infections among primary schoolchildren in rural Kelantan  
A Zulkifli, A Khairul Anuar, AS Athiya, A Yano 339
Field trial of efficacy of local compression immobilization first-aid technique in Russell’s viper (Daboia russelii siamensis) bite patients  
Tun Pe, Sann Mya, Aye Aye Myint, Nu Nu Aung, Khin Aye Kyu, Tin Oo 346
Syphilitic seroreactivity among the Thai population aged 50 years and above : Value of mass screening  
S Jitapunkul 349
Effects of rice powder salt solution and milk-rice mixture on acute waterly diarrhea in young children  
C Sirivichayakul, W Chokejindachai, N Vithayasai, P Chanthavanich, K Pengsaa, P Wisetsing, S Harikul, H Rathvuth, A Sabchareon 354
Characterization of the pili isolated from Vibrio parahaemolyticus 03 : K6  
N Kakasone, S Insisengmay, M Iwanaga 360
Comparative morphometry, morphology of egg and adult surface topography under light and scanning electron microscopies, and metaphase karyotype among three size-races of Fasciola gigantica in Thailand  
P Srimuzipo, C Komalamisra, W Choochote, A Jipakdi, P Vanichthanakom, P Keha, D Riyong, K Sukontason, N Komalamisra, K Sukontason, P Tippawangkosol 366
Comparison of ivermectin and albendazole treatment for gnathostomiasis  
P Nontasut, V Bussaratid, S Chullawichit, N Charoensook, K Visetsuk 374
Strongyloides stercoralis infection and chronological changes of other soil-transmitted helminthiasis in an endemic area of southern Thailand  
MT Anantaphruti, S Nuamtanong, C Muennoo, S Sanguankiat, S Pubampen 378
Community control studies on Strongyloides infection in a model island of Okinawa, Japan  
H Toma, I Shimabukuro, J Kobayashi, T Tasaki, M Takara, Y Sato 383
Contamination of soil with helminth parasite eggs in Nepal  
SK Rai, S Uga, K Ono, G Rai, T Matsumura 388
Comparison of the sensitive screening kit with two ELISA sets for detection of anti-Toxocara antibodies  
P Dubinsky´, N Akao, K Reiterová, G Konáková 394
Socioeconomic status, clinical features, laboratory and parasitological findings of hepatic amebiasis patients - a hospital based prospective study in Bangladesh  
SM Shamsuzzarman, R Haque, SK Ruhul Hasin, WA Petri Jr, Y Hashiguchi 399
A universal precautions education intervention for health workers in Sardjito and PKU Hospital, Indonesia  
AG Mukti, C Treloar, Suprawimbarti, AH Asdie, K D’Este, N Higginbotham, R Heller 405
Research note : Lack of efficacy of quinine and artemether against advanced third-stage-larvae of Gnathostoma spinigerum in vitro  
K Sukontason, P Klaolaor, K Sukontason, S Piangjai, R Methanitikorn, N Morakote 412
Research note : Field evaluation of two diagnostic antigen tests for Wuchereria bancrofti infection among Indian expatriates in Saudi Arabia  
MS Omar, AK Sheikha, OM Al-Amari, SE Abdalla, RA Musa 415
Research note : Detection of HbsAg and HBV DNA in serum and saliva of HBV carriers  
S Noppornpanth, N Sathirapongsasuti, V Chongsrisawat, Y Poovorawan 419
Research note : Prevalence of antibodies to parvovirus B19 in Thailand  
Y Poovorawan, A Theamboonlers, P Suandork, P Hirsch 422