Volume 32
Number 2
June 2001


Table of Contents  
C Kidson 227
Wuchereria bancrofti : detection of microfilariae in asymptomatic microfilaremic individuals with Setaria digitata antigens  
MN Wickremanayake, S Ekanayake, EH Karunanayake 230
The feasibility of a bed net impregnation program to enhance control of Malayan filariasis along a swamp forest in southern Thailand  
S Fumiya, V Chongsvivatwong, U Saburo, S Thammapalo 235
Lymphatic filariasis in Khurda district of Orissa, India : An epidemiological study  
BV Babu, AS Acharya, G Mallick, PK Jangid, AN Nayak, K Satyanarayana 240
Case report : Subconjunctival dirofilariasis in India  
S Nadgir, SS Tallur, V Mangoli, LH Halesh, BVS Krishna 244
Natural human IgG subclass antibodies to Plasmodium falciparum blood stage antigens and their relation to malaria resistance in an endemic area of Thailand  
P Tangteerawatana, S Krudsood, K Chalermrut, S Looareesuwan, S Khusmith 247
Clinical trial of halofantrine with modified doses for treatment of malaria in the Hospital for Tropical Diseases  
S Krudsood, P Singhasivanon, U Silachamroon, S Treeprasertsuk, W Kaivipakbanyai, K Chalermrut, N Phophak, J Horton, D Kyle, S Looareesuwan 255
The relationship between anthropometric indicators of nutritional status and malaria infection among youths in Khammouane Khammol Province, Lao PDR  
M Takakura, M Uza, Y Sasaki, N Nagahama, S Phommpida, S Bounyadeth, J Kobayashi, T Toma, I Miyagi 262
Lack of association between CSF nitrate and sera nitrate in falciparum malaria infection  
Y Maneerat, P Wilairatana, R Udomsangphetch, S Looareesuwan 268
Possibility of false-positive detection for sporozoites in mosquitos (Diptera : Culicidae) by nested polymerase chain reaction using Plasmodium yoelii genomic DNA  
A Tsuzuki, T Toma, I Miyagi, H Toma, T Arakawa, Y Sato, J Kobayashi, MF Mugissa 275
The efficacy of different mosquito trapping methods in a forest-fringe village, Yunnan Province, Southern China  
SJ Moore, ZW Du, HN Zhou, XZ Wang, HB Li, YJ Xiao, N Hill 282
Experimental studies on small hooks preceding large hooks in the growth and development of Taenia solium metacestodes  
PC Fan, WC Chung, JX Guo, XY Ma, ZJ Xu 290
A comparative trial of albendazole alone versus combination of albendazole and praziquantel for treatment of Trichuris trichiura infection  
C Sirivichayakul, C Pojjaroen-anant, P Wisetsing, P Chanthavanich, R Praevanit, K Limkittikul, K Pengsaa 297
Various morphologic features of Gnathostoma spinigerum in histologic sections : Report of 3 cases with reference to topographic study of reference worm  
V Sirikulchayanonta, P Viriyavejakul 302
Purification of a specific immunodiagnostic Parastrongylus cantonensis antigen by electroelution from SDS-polyacrylamide gels  
P Eamsobhana, A Yoolek, S Suvouttho, S Suvouttho 308
Predictive value of latex agglutination test in serological screening for Toxoplasma gondii  
Y Sukthana, T Chintana, W Supatanapong, C Siripan, A Lekkla, R Cheabchalrad 314
Low prevalence of Cryptosporidium parvum in hospitalized children in Kota Bharu, Malaysia  
BS Menon, MD Shukri Abdullah, F Mahamud, UM Morgan, AS Malik, KE Choo, B Singh 319
Research Note : An epidemiological investigation of congenital Schistosoma japonicum transmission in Hubei Province, PR China  
YE Shi, MV Johansen, FR Li, AL Willingham, HO Bøgh, LG Liao, JJ Han, CX Ning 323
Use of nucleotide sequencing of the genomic cDNA fragments of the capsid/premembrane junction region for molecular epidemiology of dengue type 2 viruses  
UB Singh, P Seth 326
A realistic age structured transmission model for dengue hemorrhagic fever in Thailand  
P Pongsumpun, IM Tang 336
Neurological manifestations in dengue patients  
C Pancharoen, U Thisyakorn 341
Genotypic subtyping of the HIV-1 polymerase gene in 30 naïve patients from Thailand  
S Auswinporn, E Jenwitheesuk, A Vibhagool, M Sookpranee, M Leechawengwong, W Chantratita 346
HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes and beliefs based prediction models for practices in prison inmates, Sindh, Pakistan  
S Akhtar, SP Luby, MH Rahbar, I Azam 351
Prevalence of hepatitis B and C virus infection among women in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea  
S Shimbo, T Watanabe, H Nakatsuka, N Matsuda-Inoguchi, YS Ko, ES Kim, K Higashikawa, M Ikeda 362
Factors contributing to poor compliance with anti-TB treatment among tuberculosis patients  
Nyi Nyi Naing, C D’Este, AR Isa, R Salleh, N Bakar, MR Mahmod 369
Diagnostic role of pleural fluid adenosine deaminase in tuberculous pleural effusion  
W Reechaipichitkul, T Kawamatawong, Y Teerajetgul, B Patjanasoontorn 383
Improved method of direct microscopy for detection of acid-fast bacilli in sputum  
Wah Wah Aung, Mar Mar Nyein, Daw Ti Ti, U Win Maung 390
Case report : Tuberculous meningitis associated with urinary tract tuberculosis  
V Chotmongkol, S Kiertiburanakul 394
Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection in Malaysian children admitted hospitalized with community acquired pneumonia  
PWK Chan, LCS Lum, YF Ngeow, MY Yasim 397
Prevalence of Listeria spp and Listeria monocytogenes in meat and fermented fish in Malaysia  
Z Hassan, E Purwati, S Radu, RA Rahim, R Abdul Rahim, G Rusul 402
Plasma retinol and alpha-tocopherol level and growth indices of 7 months old healthy Thai infants in Bangkok  
C Sirivichayakul, S Changbumrung, P Chanthavanich, P Moungnoi, W Chokejindachai, P Attanath, K Pengsaa 408
Genetic counseling for thalassemia in Thailand : problems and solutions  
V Dhamcharee, O Romyanan, T Ninlagarn 413
HLA alloimmunization in patients receiving multitransfusions of red blood cells  
A Chuansumrit, O Nathalang, S Wangruangsathit, P Hathirat, P Chiewsilp, P Isrankura 419
A case of Pfeiffer syndrome type 1 with an A344P mutation in the FGFR2 gene  
V Shotelersuk, S Srivuthana, C Ittiwut, A Theamboonlers, C Mahatumarat,Y Poovorawan 425
Clinical and molecular characteristics of Thai patients with achondroplasia  
V Shotelersuk, C Ittiwut, S Srivuthana, S Wacharasindhu, S Aroonparkmongkol, A Mutirangura, Y Poovorawan 429
Factors related to smoking habits of male secondary school teachers  
Nyi Nyi Naing, Z Ahmad 434