Volume 33
Number 1
March 2002


Table of Contents  
C Kidson 1
Malaria species and Southeast Asian ovalocytosis defined by a 27-bp deletion in the erythrocyte band 3 gene  
M Kimura, A Soemantri, T Ishida 4
Relationship between male hydrocele and infection prevalences in clustered communities with uncertain transmission of Wuchereria bancrofti on the Thailand-Myanmar border  
A Bhumiratana, B Wattanakull, S Koyadun, S Suvannadabba, J Rojanapremsuk, W Tantiwattanasup 7
Intestinal parasitic infection among five interior communities at upper Rejang River, Sarawak, Malaysia  
DD Sagin, M Mohamed, G Ismail, JJ Jok, LH Lim, JNF Pui 18
Research note : A sieving method for collecting the metacercariae of trematode parasites from freshwater fish  
PC Fan, CC Wu, P Huang, CW Yen 23
Visceral leishmaniasis in two cases of leukemia  
SP Sah, S Rijal, PP Bhadani, S Rani, S Koirala 25
Eye lesions and onchocerciasis in a rural farm settlement in Delta State, Nigeria  
OPG Nmorsi, IAA Oladokun, OA Egwunyenga, E Oseha 28
Sandwich ELISA detection of excretory-secretory antigens of Toxocara canis larvae using a specific monoclonal antibody  
K Yokoi, F Kobayashi, J Sakai, M Usui, M Tsuji 33
In vitro effect of antifungal drugs on pathogenic Naegleria spp  
S Tiewcharoen, V Junnu, P Chinabut 38
Predominance of DEN-3 genotype during the recent dengue outbreak in Bangladesh  
MM Aziz, KN Hasan, MA Hasanat, MA Siddiqui, M Salimullah, AK Chowdhury, M Ahmed, MN Alam, MS Hassan 42
Dengue hemorrhagic fever in infants  
S Hongsiriwon 49
Dengue hemorrhagic fever in Thai society  
A Kantachuvessiri 56
An ecological survey of dengue vector mosquitos in central Lao PDR  
Y Tsuda, J Kobayashi, S Nambanya, I Miyagi, T Toma, S Phompida, K Manivang 63
Dengue virus infection of the central nervous system (CNS) : a case report from Brazil  
RMR Nogueira, AMB Filippis, JMO Coelho, PC Sequeira, HG Schatzmayr, FG Paiva, AMO Ramos, MP Miagostovich 68
A novel molecular method for HIV-1 proviral DNA detection; non-radioactively-reversed probe hybridization and nested PCR  
WH Attatippaholkun, P Lek-ngam, S Bejrachandra, MK Attatippaholkun 72
Prevalence of HIV-1 polymerase gene mutations in pre-treated patients in Thailand  
W Chantratita, E Jenwitheesuk, C Watitpun, V Pongthanapisith, A Vibhagool, M Leechawengwong, M Sookpranee, A Apairatana 80
Necropsy in HIV-infected patients  
P Viriyavejakul, P Rojanasunan, A Viriyavejakul, T Tangwanicharoen, P Punyarit, B Punpoowong, V Khachansaksumet, P Wilainam, E Pongponratn, M Riganti 85
A preliminary study of influence of HIV infection in the transmission of tuberculosis  
Z Mohammad, Nyi Nyi Naing, R Salleh, N Ahmad, WM Hamzah, R Mahmud 92
Research note : The effects of antiretroviral dose modification on the re-emergence of HIV-1 wide-type strains  
E Jenwitheesuk, S Auswinporn, A Vibhagool, W Chantratita 99
The frequency the pre-core gene mutations in chronic hepatitis B infection : a study of Malaysian subjects  
SF Yap, PW Wong, YC Chen, M Rosmawati 102
Chronic carriers of hepatitis B virus in Bangladesh : a comparative analysis of HBVDNA, HBe Ag/anti-Hbe and liver function tests  
KN Hasan, MAK Rumi, MA Hasanat, MG Azam, S Ahmed, MA Salam, LN Islam, MS Hassan 110
Cost-benefit analysis of hepatitis A vaccination in Thailand  
A Theppakdee, A Tangwitoon, D Khemasuwan, K Tangdhanakanond, N Suramaethakul, J Sriratanaban, Y Poovorawan 118
Evaluation of sputum staining by modified cold method and comparison with Ziehl- Neelsen and fluorochrome methods for the primary diognosis of tuberculosis  
U Tansuphaisiri, B Kladphuang 128
Comparison of microplate hybridization with gel electrophoresis and dot blot hybridization for the rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis PCR products  
U Tansuphasiri, S Suttirat, S Rienthong 136
Clinical aspects of tonsillar tuberculosis  
S Srirompotong, K Yimtae, S Srirompotong 147
Modified antimicrobial disc susceptibility testing for nutritionally-variant streptococci  
S Tantimavanich, C Nilakul, S Sukroongreung 151
Leptospirosis in Northeastern Thailand : hypotension and complications  
K Niwathayakul, J Homvijitkul, O Khow, V Sitprija 155
Endocarditis and pericarditis caused by Salmonella paratyphi A : two case reports and review of the litterature  
C Pancharoen, C Thisyakorn, U Thisyakorn 161
Bronchial adenoma presenting with chronic asthma and obstructive pneumonia : a case report  
W Reechaipichitkul, S Saengsaard, A Puapairoje, W Boonsawad 164
Krait bite requiring high dose of anti-snake venom : a case report  
SK Sharma, S Koirala, G Dahal 170
Magnesium and zinc status in survivors of sudden unexplained death syndrome in Northeast Thailand  
P Pansin, A Wathanavaha, P Tosukhowong, P Sriboonlue, K Tungsanga, T Dissaabutr, T Tosukhowong, V Sitprija 172
Non-occupational determinants of cadmium and lead in blood and urine among a general population in Thailand  
J Sirivarasai, S Kaojaren, W Wananukul, P Srisomerang 180
The diagnosis and reporting of occupational diseases : the performance of physicians in Thailand  
W Aekplakorn, P Suriyawongpaisal, T Methawikul 188
Non-fatal injuries sustained in road traffic accidents : a pilot study in provincial hospitals in Chon Buri, Thailand  
S Jirojwong, K Rudtanasudjatum, P Watcharavitoon, W Sathisathein, S Sangjun 193