Volume 34
Number 4
December 2003


Table of Contents  
Protective immunity induced with 23 kDa membrane protein DNA vaccine of Schistosoma japonicum Chinese strain in infected C57BL/6 mice  
Y Zhu, J Ren, DA Harn, J Si, C Yu, X Ming, Y Liang 697
Immunoblot analysis of Schistosoma japonicum egg antigens with sera from patients with acute and chronic schistosomiasis japonica  
M Kirinoki, M Hu, H Yokoi, Y Chigusa, H Matsuda 702
Egg production capacity of one-pair worms of Schistosoma japonicum in Albino mice  
PC Fan, YC Kang 708
Immunodiagnosis of human fascioliasis using an antigen of Fasciola gigantica adult worm with the molecular mass of 27 kDa by a dot-ELISA  
PM Intapan, W Maleewong, S Nateeworanart, C Wongkham, V Pipitgool, V Sukolapong, S Sangmaneedet 713
Recovery and growth of Haplorchis taichui (Trematoda : Heterophyidae) in chicks  
K Kumchoo, C Wongsawad, JY Chai, P Vanittanakom, A Rojanapaibul 718
Research note: Recombinant expression of Toxocara canis excretory-secretory antigen TES-120 in Escherichia coli  
MY Fong, YL Lau, I Init, I Jamaiah, AK Anuar, N Rahmah 723
Polypeptides associated with in vitro cyst formation of Blastocystis hominis  
I Init, JW Mak, S Top, Z Zulhainan, S Prummongkol, V Nissapatorn, WS Wan-Yusoff, AK Anuar 727
Toxoplasma gondii antibody in Thai cats and their owners  
Y Sukthana, J Kaewkungwal, C Jantanavivat, A Lekkla, R Chiabchalard, W Aumarm 733
Purification and partial characterization of PfHRP-II protein of Plasmodium falciparum  
P Ghimire, JC Samantaray, BR Mirdha, AK Patra, AK Panda 739
Effect of dihydroartemisinin on the antioxidant capacity of P. falciparum-infected erythrocytes  
W Ittarat, A Sreepian, A Srisarin, K Pathepchotivong 744
Detection of Babesia bovis in cattle by PCR-ELISA  
S Thammasirirak, J Siriteptawee, N Sattayasai, P Indrakamhang, T Araki 751
Wuchereria bancrofti antigenemia clearance among Myanmar migrants after biannual mass treatments with diethylcarbamazine, 300 mg oral-dose FILADEC tablet, in southern Thailand  
S Koyadun, A Bhumiratana, P Prikchu 758
Research note: Comparison of two IGG4 assay formats (ELISA and rapid dipstick test) for detection of brugian filariasis  
R Noordin, RK Shenoy, RA Rahman 768
Molecular variation and phylogeny of the Anopheles minimus complex (Diptera : Culicidae) inhabiting Southeast Asian countries, based on ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacers, ITS1 and 2, and the 28S D3 sequences  
K Sawabe, M Takagi, Y Tsuda, N Tuno 771
Determination of dengue virus serotypes in Thailand using PCR based method  
S Phantana, P Khawsak, K Chansiri 781
Temephos resistance in two forms of Aedes aegypti and its significance for the resistance mechanism  
P Paeporn, N Komalamisra, V Deesin, Y Rongsriyam, Y Eshita, S Thongrungkiat 786
Case report: Perinatal dengue infection: a case report and review of literature  
W Janjindamai, P Pruekprasert 793
Case report: Parturient and perinatal dengue hemorrhagic fever  
P Witayathawornwong 797
Case report: Vertical transmission of dengue: first case report from Bangladesh  
S Ahmed 800
Factors associated with tuberculin skin test reactivity among HIV-infected people in Bangkok  
N Hiransuthikul, M Hanvanich, GJ Dore, T Mokkhawes, Y Li, J Perriens, JM Kaldor 804
Searching for virulence Burkholderia pseudomallei genes by immunoscreening the λ ZAPII expressed genomic library  
S Jitsurong, C Chirathaworn, NF Brown, IR Beacham, S Tumwasorn 810
Leptospirosis in Northern India: a clinical and serological study  
S Sethi, A Sood, Pooja, S Sharma, C Sengupta, M Sharma 822
Epidemiological studies on host animals of scrub typhus of the autumn-winter type in Shandong Province, China  
Y Liu, Z Zhao, Z Yang, J Zhang, J Xu, Q Wu, Z Peng, Z Miao 826
Early diagnosis of scrub typhus in Thailand from clinical specimens by nested polymerase chain reaction  
J Manosroi, S Chutipongvivate, W Auwanit, A Manosroi 831
Characterization and utilization of monoclonal antibodies reactive to Yersinia pseudotuberculosis  
R Jain, U Tuteja, HV Batra 839
Management of infant diarrhea with high-lactose probiotic-containing formula  
SM Sudarmo, RG Ranuh, A Rochim, P Soeparto 845
Prevalence of vancomycin and high level aminoglycoside resistant enterococci among high-risk patients  
SR Moaddab, A Rafi 849
Epidemiology and clinical picture of the Russell’s viper (Daboia russelii russelii) bite in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka: a prospective study of 336 patients  
SAM Kularatne 855
Comparative study of the reactogenicity of a three-component acellular pertussis vaccine and whole-cell pertussis vaccine administered to healthy Singaporean infants  
LPC Shek, ESH Khor, GH Tan, KT Low, D Ong, J Roy, HH Han, HL Bock, BW Lee 863
Tuberculous meningitis in adults: a four-year review during 1997-2000  
V Chotmongkol, J Panthavasit, S Tiamkao, S Jitpimolmard 869
Telomerase activity in Malaysian patients with central nervous system tumors  
MN Isa, S Sulong, MR Sidek, PJ George, JM Abdullah 872
Phagocytic activities of neutrophilic leukocytes in women in various phases of menstrual cycle, and in pregnancy  
TC Saikia, T Pramanik, M Thapa 877
Molecular markers for diagnosis of Prader-Willi syndrome in Thai patients by FISH  
S Wiriyaukaradecha, P Patmasiriwat, P Wasant, P Tantiniti 881
Rapid screening of PNH red cell populations using the gel test  
O Nathalang, A Chuansumrit, W Prayoonwiwat 887
Cost-effectiveness in establishing hemophilia carrier detection and prenatal diagnosis services in a developing country with limited health resources  
W Sasanakul, A Chuansumrit, S Ajjimakorn, S Krasaesub, N Sirachainan, S Chotsupakarn, P Kadegase, S Rurgkhum 891
Effects of elephant garlic volatile oil (Allium ampeloprasum) and T-2 toxin on murine skin  
S Nguansangiam, S Angsubhakorn, S Bhamarapravati, A Suksamrarn 899
Acute effects of SO2 and particles from a power plant on respriratory symptoms of children, Thailand  
W Aekplakorn, D Loomis, N Vichit-Vadakan, C Shy, S Plungchuchon 906
Effect of fluoride on human dental pulp cells in vitro  
S Thaweboon, B Thaweboon, P Chunhabundit, P Suppukpatana 915
Advantages of trained TBA and the perception of females and their experiences with reproductive health in two districts of the Luangprabang Province, Lao PDR  
A Sirivong, B Silphong, N Simphaly, T Phayasane, V Bonouvong, FP Schelp 919
Determining public health priorities for an ageing population : the value of a disability survey  
S Jitapunkul, C Kunanusont, W Phoolcharoen, P Suriyawongpaisal, S Ebrahim 929
Comparison of four health systems: Cuba, China, Japan and the USA, an approach to reality  
SMB Gutiérrez, T Mizota, Y Rakue 937