Volume 37
Number 1
January 2006


Table of Contents  
Possible acute coinfections in Thai malaria patients  
T Singhsilarak, S Phongtananant, M Jenjittikul, G Watt, N Tangpakdee, N Popak, K Chalermrut, S Looareesuwan 1
Comparison of two in vitro sensitivity tests for Plasmodium falciparum  
W Chaijaroenkul, P Tippawangkosol, J Kuesap, K Congpuong, R Ruenweerayut, N Suwandittakul, D Songthammawat, K Na-Bangchang 5
Chloroquine efficacy in Plasmodium berghei NK65-infected ICR mice, with reference to the influence of initial parasite load and starting day of drug administration on the outcome of treatment  
A Ishih, T Suzki, FW Muregi, K Matsui, M Terada 13
Case report. Visceral leishmaniasis and tuberculosis in patients with HIV co-infection  
VNR Das, K Pandey, N Kumar, SM Hassan, S Bimal, CS Lal, NA Siddiqui, SK Bhattacharya 18
Use of Brugia Rapid dipstick and ICT test to map distribution of lymphatic filariasis in the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste  
W Melrose, N Rahmah 22
An attempt to study the economic loss arising from Schistosoma japonicum infection and the benefits derived from treatment  
BL Blas, IL Lipayon, LC Tormis, LA Portillo, M Hayashi, H Matsuda 26
Study of the morphological characteristics of Schistosoma mansoni in mice, squirrels, and hamsters  
PC Fan, KY Pao 33
Prevalence and distribution of soil-transmitted helminthiases among Orang Asli children living in peripheral Selangor, Malaysia  
MS Hesham Al-Mekhlafi, M’ Azlin, U Nor Aini, A Shaikh, A Sa’iah, MS Fatmah, MG Ismail, MS Ahmad Firdaus, MY Aisah, AR Rozlida, M Norhayati 40
Instruction in behavior modification can significantly alter soil-transmitted helminth (STH) re-infection following therapeutic de-worming  
JW Albright, J Basaric-Keys 48
Seroprevalence of cysticercosis in a rural village of Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia  
MY Noor Azian, SL Hakim, A Sumiati, M Norhafizah 58
Laboratory and semi-field evaluation of Mosquito Dunks® against Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus larvae (Diptera: Culicidae)  
T Fansiri, U Thavara, A Tawatsin, S Krasaesub, R Sithiprasasna 62
Malaysian mosquitocidal soil bacterium (Bacillus thuringiensis) strains with selective hemolytic and lectin activity against human and rat erythrocytes  
VD Nadarajah, SH Chai, SM Mohammed, KK Chan, K Kanakeswary 67
An evidence of intestinal mucosal injury in dengue infection  
P Vejchapipat, A Theamboonlers, V Chongsrisawat, Y Poovorawan 79
HIV/AIDS care and treatment in three provinces in northern Thailand before the national scale-up of highly-active antiretroviral therapy  
S Thanprasertsuk, C Lertpiriyasuwat, T Leusaree, P Sirinirund, S Sumanapan, C Chariyalertsak, N Simmons, TV Ellerbrock, T Siraprapasiri, C Yachompoo, S Panputtanakul, P Virapat, P Supakalin, K Srithaniviboonchai, P Mock, S Supawitkul, JW Tappero, WC Levine 83
International collaborative survey on epidemiology of hepatitis E virus in 11 countries  
K Abe, T-C Li, X Ding, KM Win, PK Shrestha, VX Quang, TT Ngoc, TC Taltavull, AV Smirnov, VF Uchaikin, P Luengrojanakul, H Gu, AR El-Zayadi, AM Prince, K Kikuchi, N Masaki, T Sata, N Takeda 90
A 24-year review on the epidemiology and control of measles in Singapore, 1981-2004  
G Ong, HB Hoon, A Ong, LT Chua, CS Kai, GK Tai 96
The effect of temperature and UV light on infectivity of avian influenza virus (H5N1, Thai field strain) in chicken fecal manure  
K Chumpolbanchorn, N Suemanotham, N Siripara, B Puyati, K Chaichoune 102
RNA in situ hybridization for the detection of feline immunodeficiency virus in infected cells  
G Ryan, C O’Flatharta, J Callanan, MJEMF Mabruk 106
The effect of infection of hatched blastocyst bovine embryos with border disease and bovine viral diarrhea viruses  
MJEMF Mabruk, BB Sheahan, G Atkins 113
Consumption of viscera as the most important risk factor in the largest outbreak of shellfish poisoning in Hong Kong, 2005  
PH Chung, SK Chuang, T Tsang 120
Open study on efficacy and safety of levofloxacin in treatment of uncomplicated typhoid fever  
RHH Nelwan, K Chen, Nafrialdi, D Paramita 126
Prevalence of extended–spectrum beta lactamases (ESBLS) produced in blood isolates of gramnegative bacteria in a teaching hospital in southern Thailand  
S Jitsurong, J Yodsawat 131
Mutations in the rpoB gene of rifampicin-resistant Mycobacerium tuberculosis strains from Thailand and its evolutionary implication  
P Ramasoota, P Pitaksajjakul, W Phatihattakorn, V Pransujarit, J Boonyasopun 136
Seroprevalence and risk factors associated with leptospirosis in dogs  
T Meeyam, P Tablerk, B Petchanok, D Pichpol, P Padungtod 148
Case report. Weil’s disease with elevated plasma D-dimer  
K Ohnishi, Y Kato, K Hayakawa 154
Case report. Rhodococcus equi-an emerging human pathogen in immunocompromized hosts: a report of four cases from Malaysia  
SD Puthucheary, V Sangkar, A Hafeez, R Karunakaran, NS Raja, HH Hassan 157
Antibiotic resistance of enterococci isolated from frozen foods and environmental water  
U Tansuphasiri, D Khaminthakul, W Pandii 162
Time to positivity of blood culture in newborn infants  
W Janjindamai, S Phetpisal 171
An alternative high-performance liquid chromatographic method for determination of clindamycin in plasma  
K Na-Bangchang, V Banmairuroi, B Kamanikom, D Kiod 177
Prevalence and risk factors for reproductive tract infections among women in rural Vietnam  
VF Go, VM Quan, DD Celentano, LH Moulton, JM Zenilman 185
The prevalence of lower genital tract infections among ante-natal care (ANC) clinic patients in two central hospitals, Vientiane, Lao People’s Democratic Republic  
S Thammalangsy, A Sihavong, T Phouthavane, K Sayabounthavong, S Puapermpoonsiri, D Kitayaporn, J Gallwey, PJ Rowe 190
Retrospective prevalence of snakebites from Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) (1999-2003)  
I Jamaiah, M Rohela, TK Ng, KBH Ch’ng, YS Teh, AL Nurulhuda, N Suhaili 200
Assessing prescribing and patient care indicator for children under five years old with malaria and other disease conditions in public primary health care facilities  
SED Nsimba 206
Microbiological and biochemical assessment of the surface area of breast nipples and breast milk of lactating women in Calabar, southeastern Nigeria  
ME Eja, BE Asikong, SM Udo, CI Mboto, GE Arikpo 215
Practice of using human excreta as fertilizer and implications for health in Nghean Province, Vietnam  
PD Phuc, F Konradsen, PT Phuong, PD Cam, A Dalsgaard 222
Prevalence and factors influencing smoking amongst Malay primary school children in Tumpat, Kelantan  
TH Norbanee, MN Norhayati, B Norsa’adah, NN Naing 230