Volume 39
Number 6
November 2008


Table of Contents
Possible involvement of IFN-γ in early mortality of Plasmodium berghei NK65-infected BALB/c mice after febrifugine treatment  
A Ishih, T Nagata, F Kobayashi, FW Muregi, K Ohori, T Miyase 949
Research note. Prevalence of polymorphisms in dhfr, dhps, pfmdr1 and pfcrt genes of Plasmodium falciparum isolates in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam  
BQ Phuc, SR Caruana, AF Cowman, B-A Biggs, NV Thanh, NT Tien, LK Thuan 959
Development and validation of a liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry method for the simultaneous quantification of artesunate and dihydroartemisinin in human plasma  
LT Diem Thuy, LN Hung, PT Danh, K Na-Bangchang 963
Solid phase extraction and high performance liquid chromatography for the determination of azithromycin in human plasma  
S Supattanapong, J Konsil 978
Case report. Visceral leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania infantum in Thailand  
P Maharom, S Siripattanapipong, M Mungthin, T Naaglor, R Sukkawee, R Pudkorn, W Wattana, D Wanachiwanawin, D Areechokchai, S Leelayoova 988
Prevalence rates of Giardia and Cryptosporidium among diarrheic patients in the Philippines  
FF Natividad, CC Buerano, CB Lago, CA Mapua, BB de Guzman, EB Seraspe, LP Samentar, T Endo 991
Case Report. Capillariasis: chronic watery diarrhea - not only from microorganisms  
T Kusolsuk, W Phumratanaprapin, K Paohintung, S Pubampen, S Sa-nguankiat, S Nuamtanong, T Yoonuan, MT Anantaphruti, C Komalamisra 1000
Case report. Optic neuritis caused by intraocular angiostrongyliasis  
K Sawanyawisuth, K Kitthaweesin 1005
Parasitological monitoring of helminth control program in northern Thailand  
J Waikagul, P Jongsuksantigul, U Rattanawitoon, P Radomyos, S Kojima, T Takeuchi 1008
Review. Tick-borne pathogens and diseases of animals and humans in Thailand  
A Ahantarig, W Trinachartvanit, JR Milne 1015
Acute flaccid paralysis surveillance: looking beyond the global poliomyelitis eradication initiative  
TS Saraswathy, H Nor Zahrin, MY Apandi, D Kurup, J Rohani, S Zainah, NS Khairullah 1033
Evidence of influenza or influenza-like-illness preceding acute coronary syndrome  
S Kuanprasert, N Apichartpikul, S Chuenkitmongkol, W Wiangosot, P Topaiboon, A Sukonthasarn 1040
Occurrence of swine influenza virus infection in swine with porcine respiratory disease complex  
C Nakharuthai, A Boonsoongnern, P Poolperm, W Wajjwalku, K Urairong, W Chumsing, P Lertwitcharasarakul, P Lekcharoensuk 1045
Research note. Genotypes of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in liver disease patients in Sri Lanka  
D Senevirathna, D Ranaweera, D Abeysekera, N Kanakarathana, D De Silva, S Abeysundara, P Samaraweera, S Jayasinghe, N Fernandopulle 1054
Case report. Molecular diagnosis of acute retinal necrosis secondary to cytomegalovirus in vitreous aspirate  
MO Baclig, MLG Daroy, JMR Abano 1057
Improvements in physical and mental health among HIV-infected patients treated for TB in Thailand  
W Kittikraisak, C Burapat, S Nateniyom, S Akksilp, W Mankatittham, C Sirinak, A Suphanam, A Kanphukiew, JK Varma 1061
Physicians’ knowledge regarding the recommended anti-tuberculosis prescribed medication regimen: a cross-sectional survey from Lucknow, India  
N Vandan, M Ali, R Prasad, C Kuroiwa 1072
Prevalence and predictors of default with tuberculosis treatment in Sri Lanka  
J Pinidiyapathirage, W Senaratne, R Wickremasinghe 1076
Research note. A step-wise approach to find a valid and feasible method to detect non-adherence to tuberculosis drugs  
R Ruslami, R van Crevel , E van de Berge, B Alisjahbana, RE Aarnoutse 1083
Case report. A patient with penicillin-resistant viridans group streptococcal endocarditis and unusual reactions to vancomycin  
N Apiwattanakul, S Wanitkun, P Chongtrakool, S Sirinavin 1088
Changing characteristics of Vibrio cholerae: emergence of multidrug resistance and non-O1, non-O139 serogroups  
MR Chandrasekhar, BVS Krishna, AB Patil 1092
Case report. Non-O1/non-O139 Vibrio cholerae septicemia with peritonitis  
W Wiwatworapan, S Insiripong 1098
Antimicrobial susceptibility of Helicobacter pylori isolated from gastric biopsies in dyspeptic patients  
P Kulsuntiwong, C Chomvarin, K Chaicumpar, W Namwat, W Kaewkes, P Mairiang, A Sangchan 1102
Health care preferences for children with typhoid fever in two slum communities in Karachi, Pakistan  
ZA Memon, A Pach, M Rifkin, OP Han, B Stanton, J Clemens, Z Bhutta 1110
Sexual and reproductive health needs of vulnerable youth in Myanmar  
Hla-Soe-Tint, Phyo-Maung-Thaw, Yin-Thet-Nu-Oo, Ko-Ko-Zaw, Than-Tun-Sein, Thein-Tun 1126
Economic burden of road traffic injuries: a micro-costing approach  
A Riewpaiboon, P Piyauthakit, U Chaikledkaew 1139
Ambulance response time and emergency medical dispatcher program: a study in Kelantan, Malaysia  
CH Mohd Shaharudin Shah, I Mohd Ismail, SSJ Syed Mohsin 1150
Determination of gaseous organic compounds in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan  
R Yamamoto, J Nozaki, L Ma, M Shima, F Hatayama 1155
High performance liquid chromatography for determination of urinary metabolites of toluene, xylene and styrene and its application  
C Onchoi, P Kongtip, W Yoosook, S Chantanakul 1164
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