The Department of Social and Environmental Medicine, provides postgraduate courses leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Tropical Medicine, focusing on Social Medicine, Environmental Health and Toxicology, and Environmental Biotechnology. The Department also offers short course training on environmental and health impact assessment.

    The Department has emphasized on multidisciplinary approach in the implementation research, the Department studies range from field investigations to biotechnology. Studies cover medical social science,  environmental health and toxicology, water and sanitation, malacology and antibody of dengue virus. These studies have contributed to disease prevention and control, risk assessment and forecasting, environmental mitigation as well as developing dengue vaccine.

   Under the Environmental, Health and Social Impact Assessment Unit Center for Health Impact Assessment Study, the Department has offered services for environmental and health impact assessment of development projects, both in water resource development and industrial development projects.

    In addition, Mullusk Museum of the Southeast Asian Center for Medical Malacology has systematically stored and displayed of freshwater and brackish water mollusk. The collection contains more than 1,700 records of more than 37,000 shells represent 248 species of mollusks from every part of the country. Among these species, about 20 species are freshwater snails of medical importance in Thailand.