Rules and Regulations

1. Sick leave
2. Leave for childbirth
3. Recruitment for military service (2 years)
4. Leave to take some subjects. In this case, the subject coordinator must approve the leave. Students should inform the School Office. Students may take this category of leave for one semester per application, and, if necessary, reapply for an extension. The maximum number of semester-leave granted is two. All of the above types of leave, except for Category 3, military service, form part of the time allocated for completion of the course, e.g. for M.Sc. and Ph.D., is counted as part of the 5-year maximum time.
The University Fee is still applied for all above categories of leave, to maintain student status.

If a student wishes to resign from the programme entirely, he/she can write to the Programme Director, Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies, through the Deputy Dean for Education. Please contact the School Office.

Cessation of student status
1. Graduation
2. Failure to graduate within time prescribed
3. As a result of student failure to comply with the rules of the University
4. Resignation
5. Failure to pay tuition fee or University fee
6. Failure to comply with "Leave" stipulations