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Graduate Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Bangkok School of Tropical Medicine

Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Number of credits required for the program
  not less than 24 credits
Curriculum structure
  The program is set according to the Ministry of University Affairs’ Announcement titled “Standard Criteria for Graduate Diploma 1999.”
Required Subjects
Elective Subjects
Course Code Explanation
  The first two letters represent the abbreviated name of Faculty/ Institute/ College
Faculty of Tropical Medicine
  The third and fourth letters represent the abbreviated name of the responsible unit
EN Department of Medical Entomology
MI Department of Microbiology and Immunology
NU Department of Tropical Nutrition and Food Science
TP Department of Tropical Pediatrics
Department of Tropical Radioisotopes
SE Department of Social and Environmental Medicine
Department of Tropical Hygiene
CD Department of Clinical Tropical Medicine
ID Inter-department
  The number (5XX) represents postgraduate programme level
Study Plan
  Required courses 20 credits
TMID 524
Fundamental of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
3 (2-2-5)
TMID 525
Food- and Water-borne Diseases (I) and Soil- Transmitted Helminthiases
3 (2-2-5)
4 months
(April – July)
TMID 526
Food- and Water-borne Diseases (II) (Tissue Parasites)
2 (2-0-4)
TMID 527
Mosquito-borne Diseases
3 (2-2-5)
TMID 528
Non-mosquito Vector-borne Diseases and Zoonosis
2 (2-0-4)
TMID 529
Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Related Problems

2 (2-0-4)

TMID 530
Common Health Problems and Diseases in the Tropics
2 (2-0-4)
TMID 543
Travel Medicine I
1 (1-0-2)
TMID 547
Clinical, Community study and Laboratory practice
2 (0-4-2)
Elective courses not less than 4 credits
2 months
(August – September)
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