Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
>>Academic System
Academic System
  Semester system
  Credits : -
  The number of credits assigned to each subject is determined as follows :-
  Lectures or discussion consuming not less than 15 hours per semester are equal to 1 credit hour.
  Laboratories or practices consuming not less than 30 hours per semester are equal to 1 credit hour.
  Field practices comsuming not less than 45 hours per semester are equal to 1 credit hour.
Program Start
The program was approved by the Ministry of University Affairs and started in the academic year 1960. Each academic year begins in early April and ends in late September.
  English is the language of instruction.
Duration of Study
  The duration of study is six months.
  Students must register as full-time students.
Students must register according to the recommendations of the advisor or the Administrative Program Committee.
Evaluation and Graduation Requirements
Student evaluation is in accordance with the rules and regulations of Mahidol University.
  Graduation Requiements
Students must :
take no less than 24 credits of course work (including 20 credits of required subjects and 4 credits of elective subjects) and achieve a GPA of not less than 3.00.
pass the English Proficiency Examination according to the requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, or have a TOEFL score of more than 500.
Educational Fee
  Tuition fee: 4,000 US$
Thai candidates must request further information from the Bangkok School of Tropical Medicine, Faculty of Tropical Medicine.
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