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The Bangkok School of Tropical Medicine, the educational arm of the Faculty of Tropical Medicine, offers regular postgraduate programs, from graduate diploma to doctoral levels. The school is acknowledged and approved by the International Society of Travel Medicine and the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene to be one of the eight schools in the world in which the student can get a diploma in tropical medicine. In addition, it is the only one school in which the student can learn about tropical diseases in the tropics.

Participants in the Faculty’s programs gain practical, hands-on training in a tropical country, and experience the actual patients, diseases, health services, social contexts and environments of a tropical country, along with learning the latest treatments for tropical diseases. Students also experience the cultures and traditions of Thailand, benefiting further from the cultural diversity of their fellow students. The programs, the teaching and research faculty members, and the facilities, are second to none in the region. For the convenience and security of our international students, the Faculty has economical on-campus accommodation adjacent to the School. All of the programs are taught in the English language.

On-campus, the Faculty has an up-to-date, specialist 250-bed Hospital for Tropical Diseases, where students may observe patients and treatments for tropical diseases. The Faculty also has special laboratory diagnostic facilities for a wide range of tropical and endemic diseases, such as malaria, dengue, opisthorchiasis (liver fluke), paragonimiasis (lung fluke), schistosomiasis, scrub typhus (tsutsugamushi disease), cholera, leptospirosis, rabies, toxoplasmosis, and other soil-, water-, vector-borne and non-communicable diseases.

The Bangkok School of Tropical Medicine offers world-class programs that equip doctors, research workers, medical personnel and professionals concerned with tropical medicine and public health with the skills they need to further their careers in tropical medicine, and the knowledge needed to make a substantial positive difference to healthcare problems in the tropics and elsewhere. Our graduates pursue successful careers in public and private sector healthcare services; in consulting; in national, regional and international agencies; and in research institutions.

We look forward to potential course participants joining us at the Bangkok School of Tropical Medicine


Students, 2013 intake

No. of Students
Country of Origin
D.T.M. & H.
6-month course
Afghanistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam, Libya
Afghanistan, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Spain
M.C.T.M. (Tropical Pediatric)

Japan, Vietnam

M.Sc. (Trop. Med.)
Finland, Lao PDR, Thailand
Ph.D. (Trop. Med.)
Nepal, Thailand
Ph.D. (Clin. Trop. Med.)
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