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Administrative Board
  Udomsak Silachamroon  
Deputy Dean for Administration and Strategy

Asst. Prof. Udomsak Silachamroon
E-mail: udomsak.sil@mahidol.ac.th
  Assoc. Prof. Chukiat Sirivichayakul  
Deputy Dean for Finance and Human Resources

Assoc. Prof. Chukiat Sirivichayakul
E-mail: chukiat.sir@mahidol.ac.th
  Kesinee Chotivanich  
Deputy Dean for International Relations

Prof. Kesinee Chotivanich
E-mail: kesinee.cho@mahidol.ac.th
  Kraichat Tantrakarnapa  
Deputy Dean for Facilities and Environment

Assoc. Prof.Kraichat Tantrakarnapa
E-mail: kraichat.tan@mahidol.ac.th
Deputy Dean for Education and Quality Development

Asst.Prof. Wirongrong Chierakul
E-mail: wirongrong.chi@mahidol.ac.th
Director of the Hospital for Tropical Diseases

Assoc. Prof. Watcharapong Piyaphanee
E-mail: watcharapong.piy@mahidol.ac.th
    Assistant Dean for Faculty Welfare and Special Affairs

Asst. Prof. Teera Kusolsuk
E-mail: teera.kus@mahidol.ac.th
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Assoc. Prof. Wirichada Pan-ngum
E-mail: wirichada.pan@mahidol.ac.th
Assistant Dean for Information Technology

Mr. Amnat Khamsiriwatchara
E-mail: amnat.kha@mahidol.ac.th
Last update: 8 April 2021
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