Excellence of Faculty of Tropical Medicine
Faculty of Tropical Medicine, founded in 1960, has developed and become recognized as "the leading institute in the Tropics for the study of tropical medicine". Over the past 40 years, staff of the Faculty have published about 3,500 articles in international and national journals and more than 2,600 students from over 50 countries around the world have graduated from the Faculty.

According to Thai University Ranking in 2006 by the Higher Education Commission, Minister of Education of Thailand , the Faculty held the 2nd rank in Biomedical Research and the 3rd rank in Biomedical Education. Moreover, research citation of the Faculty during 1975 to 2004 was in the 3rd ranking, and outstandingly ranked 1st by the average number of citations per lecturer among health science institutions.

Many research works of the Faculty have been implemented in the society as guideline measures, such as:
Regional Guidelines for the Management of Severe Falciparum Malaria in Small Hospitals
Nursing Care in Severe Malaria [Eng]
Nursing Care in Severe Malaria [Thai]
Pocket Guidelines for the Care of Malaria Patients [Eng]
These guidelines were supported and produced by Southeast Asian Regional Office of the World Health Organization.
Mekong Malaria I and II
These two books have updated information on malaria, multi-drug resistance and economic development in the Mekong region of Southeast Asia, published under the support of the World Health Organization/Roll Back Malaria and by the European Commission RMCP
GIS Disease Surveillance System in the Mekong Region
Publication of the book was supported by the Rockefellor Foundation.
Currently, the Faculty has established the Centers of Excellence, which are:
Centre of Excellence for Biomedical and Public Health Informatics (BIOPHICS)
TROPMED Dengue Diagnostic Centre (TDC)
Centre of Excellence for Southeast Asia Influenza Clinical Research Network
To facilitate training and strengthening of medical doctors and health personnel from countries worldwide, the Faculty has been designated as
SEAMEO TROPMED Regional Centre for Tropical Medicine
The WHO Collaborating Centre for Clinical Management of Malaria
The WHO Collaborating Centre for Environmental Management of Disease Vector Control in Sustainable development
The Faculty organizes the Joint International Tropical Medicine Meeting annually. The aims of the meeting are research collaborations and the sharing of knowledge among scientists and health personnel.
Last update: 3 November 2017
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