Travel Medicine Research Unit
Head Dr. Watcharapong Piyaphanee, M.D.
Although Travel Medicine is a relatively new field of medicine, it is becoming increasingly more important especially in the era of globalization.

More than 800 million people travel internationally each year. Many travel medicine-related activities such as travel clinics, researches and educations are well established in the western world. But in Thailand, very limited activities have been done before.

Travel Medicine Research Unit has been established since October 2005. It is the part of Department of Clinical Tropical Medicine in faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University. We responsible in all areas of travel medicine including service part, education and also research activity. We aim to be the leader in Travel Medicine in Thailand.
  We have settled “Travel Clinic” as a service part of our unit. It is located at OPD 2 in Hospital for Tropical Diseases. It is a special clinic for Traveler. We mainly serve foreign travelers and also Thai travelers. Our services include pre-travel, during travel and post travel visit/consultation.
  Service in Travel Clinic included:
    Pre travel assessment and counseling
    Malaria prevention and prophylaxis
    Vaccination and immunization
    Health check up and certification
    Post travel assessment and counseling
    Diagnostics and Laboratory testing of Tropical diseases in travelers
    Treatment of medical illness in the travelers
  Our staffs teach various topics in the field of Travel medicine in D.T.M.& H., M.C.T.M, M.Sc. (Trop Med) and Ph.D. (Trop Med). We also welcome medical students, physicians, and resident to visit and observe our activities in order to gain their experience.
  Our research focuses in the field of travel medicine. Last year we were able to publish the first study of traveler’s malaria in Thailand. Our ongoing research include the seroprevalence of tropical diseases in foreign travelers visiting Thailand and the incidence of parasitic infestation among Thai crews returning from Africa.
  International Collaboration
  Travel medicine research unit, on behalf of Faculty of Tropical Medicine has joined the GeoSentinel Survelliance Networks since 2006. It is the largest international network of travel/tropical medicine clinics. Its main objective is to create and maintain international collaboration among travel clinics around the world in the academic purpose.
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