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Department of Tropical Hygiene
Graduate program and short course training on epidemiology and biostatistics combining with research studies ranging from molecular to field works which contribute to the advancement of knowledge-based health sciences are the core functions of the department. The department has been recognized for its varieties of research studies which have been published and widely cited locally and internationally including disease sequencing, clinical trial, geo-spatial epidemiology, community study as well as statistical modeling

This is due the fact that faculty members and students have access to and utilize the well-equipped department laboratory and well-established cohorts in selected field study site to conduct their own research within their areas of interest. Several international short training courses have been offering throughout the year including, for example, courses in biomedical informatics, geographical informatics and biostatistics. Besides the current graduate degree focusing mainly in tropical medicine epidemiology, the department is in the process of moving forward to offer courses in zoonotic epidemiology, public health informatics and global health arena.

Last updated: April 25, 2008
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