Nursing Care in Severe Malaria by Suparp Vannaphan, RN, BSc Nursing.

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Summary of Book
Book Description
(Find out why this is the best booklet to have in your pocket when caring for a patient with malaria.) This is the first book written by the Hospital for Tropical Diseases about nursing care in cerebral malaria. It covers the total care of the patient including the clinical care and diagnosis. It covers emergency treatment. It covers good, effective nursing care.
Product Description
Malaria effects an estimated 500 million people worldwide every year. Approximately I million die from this disease. Much is known about how to treat this disease. This booklet puts that knowledge in your hands in a pocketbook size.
Chapters included
Chapter 1 : The Pathophysiology of Malaria
Chapter 2 : The Progress and Diagnosis of Cerebral Malaria
Chapter 3 : Anti – Malarial Drugs in Cerebral Malaria
Chapter 4 : Nursing Care in Different Medical Conditions
  General Nursing Care
  Dissesminated Intravascular Coagulation
  Metabolic Acidosis
  Pulmonary Edema
  Renal Failure
Chapter 5 : Nursing Care in Acute Renal Failure and Haemodialysis
Chapter 6 : Education and Follow – up of the Patient
Summary :  
Appendix : Evaluation of the Resistance to Anti – Malarial Drugs
Chapter 7 : Management and Special Equipment in the Intensive Care unit
Appendix : Complications of Severe Malaria – Table
Appendix : Causes of death among patients with severe malaria
Product Details
Pagebook : 112 pages, with black and white illustrations and photos.
Language : Thai
Author : Suparp Vannaphan. Head Nurse I.C.U. for the Bangkok Hospitalfor Tropical Diseases, Mahidol University.
Last updated: January 19, 2011